MOST VIEWED FILL IN THE BLANK! Steve Harvey Finds These Answers HILARIOUS On Family Feud USA

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MOST VIEWED FILL IN THE BLANK! Steve Harvey Finds These Answers HILARIOUS On Family Feud USA 5

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18:00 the answer was "yell at him" for anyone who wants to know

Author — Nora Nolasco


"If a man cheats on me, I'll shoot him."

That should be one of the top 3 answers.

Author — Charlin Cho


Karen: Buffest
Steve: *immediately walks to the other team's side

Author — zimako ezechukwu


Funny thing. Steve had to confirm its ok to clap after "blackest" man. Sad times we live in...

Author — Marcin Roman


Baldest man of the year-I thought of that.

Author — Julia Cooper


Now, who else feels ROBBED that the last answer wasn't played and the video ended. HM?!

Author — Steffany K


Imagine if someone actually guessed “Blackest” of the year! They woulda been roasted LMAO 3:45

Author — SlapsMans


11:19 I've literally heard the collective groan of the females in the audience when she said she's a fitness instructor. C'mon ladies be nice.

Author — Sean Mars


Steve: my specialty is making women feel...

Khalil: cook

Author — VN Gangrene


imagine if they said ugliest man of the year. His reaction... I dont even know.

Author — Iceman


13:18 You know damned well that "Goldfish" was not the related answer to "Pet" for that question.

Author — RC Slyman


*"Blackest man of the year"... Camera-man pans to someone blacker...* 😵

Author — Mysti Smith


If a woman had to choose between her man and her blank, she'd choose
#2 says family/ kids/hubby 🤔🤔. A hubby is not a man?? Neither party was paying attention when being surveyed.

Author — Peaches n Cream


If a man cheat on me I'll blank him
Terina:Shoot him
Steve:(mouths word wow twice)

Author — kben 101


*"If a man cheats on me I will **____** Him."* The 2nd answer was not shown... Take a WILD GUESS!

Author — D 2x


Find yourself a woman who loves to cook Khalil. Treat her with respect and she will love you and cook for you.

Author — garrimic3


woman: baldest
me: wtf? whats next? blackest?
board goes bing
me: wow.

Author — Ahmed M


It still amazes me that these idiots clap when they get a wrong answer.

Author — Blade10201


Steve harvey wins blankof the year.
I thought of funniest, smartest, and blackest. But i wont say it because i aint black and it sounds racist.

Author — Dobby Jai


I can’t watch this show anymore....unless Steve Harvey is hosting it. He’s too funny! 😂😂😂

Author — ChaosInOrder