Cubs Infielder Javy Báez's Magical Slides

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Cubs Infielder Javy Báez's Magical Slides 5

Javy Báez earned his nickname of El Mago. Check out this highlight reel of some of Baez's most magical slides and steals.

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before javy baez there was no such thing as being a great slider or being a great tagger. these terms had to be invented after almost 180 years of baseball. think about that.

Author — Wes DeKoda


He’s probably the most aggressive base runner in the MLB

Author — Chroma FN


The real life Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez. Javy deserves his own shoe. I would buy them.

Author — Swayday


The only problem with Javy is that he is responsible for more replay delays than any other major leaguer! haha.

Author — Jeremy Mullins


I can't stop watching that 5:24 slide over and over again. The way he transition pops up from slide to standing in one fluid motion,

Author — mark akira


You can teach baseball skills but this is straight up instincts. You either have it or you don't. Javy is baseball encyclopedia. No one thinks the way he does in the majors.

Author — greg the groove DRUM COVERS


It didn't matter but crazy good throw at 7:04

Author — A Baseball Channel


1:40 he baited that catcher into throwing down to 3rd lol. I love his energy for the game. Glad hes on my team

Author — Nick Mougros


He's the best tagger of the baseball I ever saw tho

Author — Elias Ayala


Javy is a human breaking ball. He’s there one minute, then just disappears when someone tries to tag him.

Author — Chad Whitley


I was there at the ballpark in San Francisco with my son when he hit the inside the park home run

Author — Devious Chi-town


Who else thinks he is the best player?

Author — Harrison Kuffel


So impressive. It’s almost like he can slow down time and make his adjustments and avoid the tag only he’s doing it in real time. Like a real life Neo in The Matrix or Quicksilver in X-men

Author — Jason Murphy


I remember when fans was saying trade baez during the first couple of season when baez was struggling in the bigs. Now where are those haters at. Every year he has gotten better and better and one thing this video shows is he gives it his all and strides to be better than the day before. 2018 was a breakout year and I look forward to the rest of his career and enjoying videos like this because there will be many more highlight moments

Author — Michael Spurling


Javy is the real life version of baserunning cheese. #TheShow

Author — Chad Carr


The most exciting player I've every seen, bar none.

Author — Travis Thomas


I’m Puerto Rican and remember watching the game of Puerto Rico vs Holland and seeing him trying to steal third at first thought he was out but replay pops up and seeing him pull that off had me like omg how did he do that!? 😂😂😂

Author — Psychonaut


Javier Báez el mejor jugador de la historia

Author — Reinaldo Reyes


When - in his mic'd up video - Joe says "you never want to coach instinct out of a player"...THIS is what he is talking about. Javy.Baez.All.Day.

Author — Sara Gleason


Ive watched 5:24 atleast 10 tines already 💪🇵🇷🇵🇷

Author — JC22