LOXLEY Robin 21 Gram Darts Review - My New Favorite Smooth Barrel Darts!

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02:39 Stats And Dimensions
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Dear All,
The Robin is SOLD OUT!!! We saw this coming a few weeks ago so set to work designing new versions and trying to get back into production as soon as we could. The Robin is now available for Pre-Order in 21g, 23g and 25g.

Author — Loxley Darts


I’m switching to these from the Gregory Clemens (Target). Today was my first throwing session, absolutely love how my grip is consistent each and every throw now that I have the punctuated profiling to feel for. Absolutely lovely dart, I’m in it for the long haul. I plan on swapping out the points with something similar to the Clemens Target points, the stock points aren’t quite sticking deep into the bristle. Otherwise, fantastic dart.

Author — Bric Eristow


Just ordered mine they look amazing. Robin Hood is a local legend where I am from in the UK. Can't wait to get throwing with these.

Author — jason godber


After watching this video when it first came out I preordered a set of 21 Gram Robin darts by Loxley. Well they just came yesterday and I must say that I absolutely love theses darts. With their unique design it alleviates the issue of always holding the dart in the same position. It is so easy to repeat my grip and throw now. Great review and recommendation on these darts. Your insight and knowledge of the game have helped me immensely. Thanks.

Author — Bert Hurst


Got my set in. Really positively surprised. I use a lathe regularly so i have some engineering knowledge.. And i can tell you i have never seen such quality on a dart. Points are straight in the barrel ( Which shows that attention has been spend and not fully automated, I had target darts where the point was all skewed in the barrel, did get new ones from target when i explained it :) ). They realign and recalibrate their lathe much more often so you get the highest quality. Yes the point straight in the barel is important for accuracy since your dart rotates and when your point is not straight in, it shows in the throw.

Wasn't warmed up and the first throw was a 140 :) Wondering why prof's don't use it cause you always grip this dart exactly the same. I bet my consistency goes way up if i'm gonna practive a few hours, sure of it...

Great vid and glad i bought them. Thank you !

Loxley is a small company and their eye for quality and detail is off the charts and not comparable with even the best dart manufacurers like Target or Unicorn.. SUPPORT THEM :)

Harrows and Loxleys are now my prime brands.. their quality is so much better and also price wise. They are cheap for what you get !

Author — Markus


These are an aesthetic design classic in every way, even the flights look brilliant.

Author — Acropolis Now


Another great review of Worldwidedarts 👍
In my humble opinion the Loxley company produced one of the most "sexy" darts out there. I received a copy of of the 21g version this morning and they fly straight as an arrow 😁.
These darts are the living proof that you don't need 5 different grip zones, colours or coating to produce a great, affordable dart.
Is this a dart for everyone? Don't think so but if you are a midgripper and if you like the feel of a smooth dart: GET
I could write 2 more pages to applaud the ingenious design of this dart but I cannot stop throwing them 😊

Author — eric van hout


hey worldwide, great review as always. did you experience more deflections or bouncers caused by a dart hitting that grip/push point in the middle of another dart?

Author — thewisefalcon


I just got my set this weekend and literally haven't put em down. Flights are already destroyed. To say I love em is an understatement. I immediately ordered the sheriffs as well once I seen those cane back in stock. Thanks for the review because I would have never ordered these without it!

Author — Tony Skyline


Those new points definitely made those beautiful looking darts even better. I’ll be ordering these soon.

Author — Micky B


Just got my 23 gram set and I cannot believe how easy they are to throw ( once I fitted short stems ) they look and feel amazing.
So glad I pre-ordered them but once again I'm blaming WWD

Author — Christopher Graves


There is so much I love about these darts. Really really trying hard not to buy them. But I am probably going to buy them 😄

Author — Red_Zed


"Made for Stormpoints" you got it! The Transition is very very similar to my PL15 set

Author — depp vom dienst


Really like those darts. This was an especially entertaining video. Keep up the good work!

Author — Brandon Smith


My new match darts. I ordered a set of these a few months ago. Today I ordered my second set. Thank you for the amazing review, I finally think I found my match darts that I can use for a very long time, Keep up the good mate. Cheers!!

Author — Rutger Janssen


Another brilliant review absolutely well done on your throwing black stems really suit the darts black goes well with any darts I think I'd say you will keep them darts

Author — ned kealy


I love your darts reviews. I just ordered the 23 gram Loxley Robin darts. The other weights were sold out. Keep up the great videos

Author — David Smith


Being the dart enthusiast I am, and because I always liked the Robin Hood movies (especially the one with Costner), please someone tell me how could I resist? Waiting on my set, bought just before it went sold out it looks like, WWD you’re getting hard on the wallet for me, but you also grow the passion for darts in me and that’s awesome!!! Can’t wait to dress at the Prince if Thieves for Halloween and throw these! lol

Author — Eric Lessard


Great review I’ve been playing with the Designa v2 smoothies I bought after watching one of you reviews, they’re a great dart but I’ve just preordered a set of these. I can’t wait to get them

Author — Paul McErlean


Really enjoyed the video WW they looked awesome to throw especially with your stem & flight set up👍

Author — christopher adams