Very confused by my DNA results | My HERITAGE DNA

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Very confused by my DNA results | My HERITAGE DNA 4.5

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You're 20% Spanish or Portuguese!! Iberia is Spain and Portugal

Автор — The Tiny Therapist


What so surprising in this? Egypt had gone through too many rulers from different parts of the world, throughout history, and before Islam lots of Arabic tribes had ancestry back to the East Mediterranean, Even some Egyptian queens like Cleopatra was originally Greek, & so some Lebanese & Palestinean regions. Some Yamani tribes who spread all over the Arabian peninsula were Jews, so the painful reality is with all our ethnic, cultural & political differences we are the same people.

Автор — Nadia Subri


thanks: so you're a history boon; Egyptian/Greek/Roman/Catholic/Muslim, have fun educating your children and may you be blessed with healthy sons and daughters.
Pax Christi
- Cleopatra was

Автор — scott thomas


"We're not Egyptian, bruh".
I died.

Автор — Felipe Welchz


I did my dna test too, so African as in 100% and I could not be happier.

Автор — MamaDee


39 percent North and West European. In a word: Alexander the Great. Mystery solved.

Автор — BloodofPatriots


I did my DNA test and it showed I am 100% broke and a thot lol

Автор — Davis Fountain


I like watching Muslim Arabs do their DNA test because most of them have Jewish and when they read the results don't know how to act.



Arab culture is the dominant culture in Egypt not the original culture or Black people that built the Pyramids. Salaam.

Автор — Shabazz Allah


DINA IS NIGERIAN 🇳🇬 🇳🇬 🇳🇬 hahaha im so happy 😂 im throwing a party in my head rn🌚

Автор — The Mind Muse


Sid should definitely do one. His would be so interesting because he's paktun. He's probably got Indian, Greek, Jewish, Iranian, European ancestry. It will be so interesting. Make Sid do one pppplssss.

Автор — Humanity Is Shit


Besides being European, I'm like 20% Iberian too. Spain, Portugal and Northern Africa. Try to remember, we are all mixed! Each person is given DNA and not all DNA is received into us from our Parents! I never knew this. So, they can be 75% English but you may only receive 10%, or vice versa! I think it's strange because my Mom got 15% Cherokee and I got 0% but I got Yakut (Northern Siberia-Eurasian)!! And my Mother & Father has zero. So where did that come from?....hummm Mom? LOL But I also show 52% Neanderthal variants of those tested so far. DNA is weird and most of us are just a mash-up of a bunch of different races! We truly are the world. :)

Автор — Bambi Wooten


In america there was a special on these results. They can only test the fathers blood line and it is about 26% of 1%. They also explained many companies would give you different results because of how they interpret the info the test gives them. Knowing this why take it seriously? the real design for these test is to give your local government info on you that they can't get legally but they can obtain from the companies in a round about way. You have been taken for your money!

Автор — newagemae Day


You should by a 23 and Me DNA test it's really detailed, it also tells you if there are any illness that you're biologically prone to and I think you can also find people who've done the test are related to you.

Автор — puhua paska


The guy has about 80% DNA from Jerkistan.

Автор — MrWebster


Why are people so surprised about DNA results? Do they not know history or maths? Especially in regions like the Mediterranian sea: trade, migration, wars, occupations of territories have been going on for more than 5000 years now. Nobody here is mostly Egyptian or Italian or whatever country you live in.

Автор — Mariangela Pretto


Don’t go confusing your genes with your ethnic heritage. Humans beings have been getting around ever since there were humans. We’ve all got a mix of genes from different racial groups, the percentages will vary, but the most our genes can tell us is how our ancestors got around, who they fell in love with, and who they had children with. You nailed your ethnic heritage when you said you were half Egyptian, half European. I’d like to know where my genes come from, but it wouldn’t define my ethnicity, that’s defined by where I grew up and the culture I grew up in, not where some member of my family came from generations ago. That’s just the genetic evidence of how interesting my ancestors’ lives were, lol

Автор — Wf Coaker


*Mafish Masr...Mafish Turkey 😂😂😂😂 her pronunciation had me rolling*



"West Africa..Nigeria!"

Автор — Nadine. S


this girl finnelly understand modern egyptians have nearlly nothing of african lol( max 15%)

Автор — fEF efgeg