Georgians saving an Abkhaz captive during the war

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გენაცვალეთ ბიჭებ ვაჟკავებო აი რარი კაციბა

Author — @gelakapanadze5417


Samwuxaroa rome eset videoebs aqvs 1, 400 naxva da vitom abkhazebi rogor idzaxian rom abkhazeti damoukidebelia 300 atasi da meti😔😔

Author — @Mrtsero


even though we had a war with them, but I hate those Abkhazians who were the first to start this war. because of their propaganda these people were fighting on the wrong side. Abkhazians who simply followed orders and also made a mistake, in my opinion, but those who led them deserve a fate even worse. Because of those who started separatism, we are now called Nazis for no reason. such people who started separatism are now beginning to spoil our history and change it. because of them people died. Separatism is always bad. this man lived without worrying about anything, when suddenly he was sent to this war where he died. but he had his whole life in front if not for this separatism. His mother worried about him.

Author — @alexandreotinasvili5344


Abkhazia is Georgia always was and always will be no matter what.there is no south Ossetia there is only Samachablo remember that 🇬🇪☦️❤️🦅⛰️

Author — @KhinkaliLover_


0:45: "не стреляй в него"
Этого абхазского парня потом всё-таки застрелили в больнице вместе с другим абхазским пленным

Author — @MXN2017