Matte Paint Do’s, Don’ts, and Cleaning Demonstration - Kia Hyundai Class

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 months ago

This year Kia is introducing MATTE PAINT on select Sportage and EV6 models. Matte paint gives vehicles a luxurious finish, but requires specialized cleanign products to keep the paint in factory condition. In today’s video, Charlotte explains the differences between matte and glossy paint, the do’s, don’ts, and a cleaning demo!

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Great presentation! No way I would have a matte painted vehicle, it wouldn't last 1 winter in the north with all the salt and relentless deep cold for months.

Author — Frigid Canuck


The veloster had this grey matte paint when it came out. Really cool and looks incredible in the EV6! Too high maintenance for me, I’d opt for the red color.

Author — The EV Guy


OMG Charlotte is such an awesome YouTuber. What an asset to this dealership!

Author — Royan Lee


The products used in this video are made by Dr Beasleys for matte paint. I personally have the same vehicle the steel matte gray EV6 GT line and the paint is beautiful. Personally if you keep up on it all contaminates come off easier than on a traditional high gloss painted finish. What I will say and can attest to is the only gripe I have with the EV6 is the paint in general is extremely soft and will get damaged with the most insignificant rock chip or whatever may hit your car. I am part of Reddit group for EV6 and many owners also will share their personal opinions. OTHER THAN THE ISSUE WITH SOFT PAINT THE CAR IS AMAZING! I would definitely purchase it again.

Author — little BIG brother


That's crazy matte paint now they coming with vehicles with that finish. That is a totally different treatment and always better to use a Ceramic coating for matte paint like Gtechniq, Gyeon, etc. Do not polish the vehicle or you will loose the matte finish. I detail vehicles too. Products to use must be for matte finish specifically and for washing as easy as ONR. Thanks Charlotte!

Author — 1st from Puerto Rico


I wonder what matte paint will do to the second hand value some years down the line, I suspect matte paint vehicles won't fare well over time compared to regular paint given all the extra attention that is required from the owner (plus spot repairs will be difficult if at all possible).

Author — Nordic Resilience


There is a company that makes a matte finish paint protection film. Might be worth it if you want to maintain this finish.

Author — goatmonkey2112


Wow finally someone shows the other side of washing your car instead of taking it to a car wash. Nice vid!

Author — Taishawn P


The matte paint looks great, but it's entirely too finicky for me. My car would get washed once a year. Ordered the Yacht Blue.

Author — Matt Palmer


Hey guys, Hyundai doesn't sell the premium matts for my Kona N in the US, do you guys ship to US for parts/accessories?

Author — Carlos Cervantes


Great to see u again Charlotte 👍🏻👌🏻💃👏😄

Author — Bergljot Viking


That paint is Not worth the headache. Specially in the US east coast when we get salt all over the roads to get rid of the snow.
Btw, since mentioned bikini, Humm Why Not? I bet you will get triple thumbs up.
I challenge you to do it!
Thanks for the information.👍👍👍

Author — MrTurboRotary


Greetings from oakville Ontario I go to a coin operated car wash cheaper and I don't like going through the normal car wash

Author — Stephen Winter


Can you please make video for 2023 Hyundai elantra essential

Author — piyushbajoria


Matte paint do's & don'ts.
There is no do. Just do not. - Yoda, I think.

Author — Rex Seven


Too finicky for me. If you have to be that careful washing it I can’t think it will be at all durable.

Author — Gordon Walls


Is wolf grey a Matt color. I have a Kia sportage wolf grey color. Please advise.

Author — KS


I don't see the fascination with the matte grey, after I saw one a weeks ago I was not impressed and neither was the owner 🙄

Author — Colin Duncan


Bad idea. It's like when I was a kid. Some guys would prime their cars before painting them and leave it that way because theybwere lazy or ran out of money to complete the job.

Author — bisco 29


This is a video to tell you not to buy matte paint. Anything that you have normally done to wash a car you can't do with this paint. Not worth it!

Author — Michael Kant