AMAXinno F5 & R3 Micro Frames Overview

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

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💬 Comments

I just ordered the F5S (lighter version of this frame), with the superleggera version of the motors ! This will be my second 5", hope it's not going too hard to build for a beginner like me ;)

Author — BananiasFPV


Awesome review, Gal!!! 😃
Yeah, a toothpick build wouldn't be a bad idea!
Stay safe there with your family! 🖖😊

Author — MC's Creations


AMAXInno do not get the attention they deserve, especially in North America. Great frames and even better motors.

Author — Yannick G


I have got the r3 micro, it is very durable for its small weight!

Author — captn_jl


Great video Gal! Where do you install a battery strap on the R3 micro?

Author — Russ


5" frame, looks more generic, the micro is indeed interesting, esp the weight.

Author — Grabe Jud


Where are Ammaxinno company located? I know its international and I wonder if shipping is any faster than Banggood? Anyone lol? Great video Gal! I love seeing unique 3 inch frames. 👍

Author — Trevor Baby


It's the same arms installation on the GEP Mark4, it doesn't work, it's too fragile and not stiff enough :-/

Author — GrumlyFPV


Like the review like always👍.but dont like the frame thx.

Author — Sam