Coronavirus: 'This is not a video game, it's real' - BBC News

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Coronavirus: 'This is not a video game, it's real' - BBC News 4

In France the number of deaths from Coronavirus continues to rise, 600 deaths recorded in just 24 hours police are strictly enforcing the government's tough quarantine measures over the Easter holiday, in Paris railway stations, airports, major roads are being monitored to prevent people leaving the city
The death toll in Spain has rise by 809 in 24 hours, the first time in three days that the daily toll has been under 900. This has raised hopes that the outbreak in the country is reaching its peak. However, Spain has a total of 124,736 cases - more than Italy
In the Netherlands the number of deaths has risen by 164 to 1,651. Germany's Robert Koch health institute has designated it an international risk area, along with other neighbours Austria and Switzerland and several other countries including the UK
Belgium has seen a rise of 140 deaths in the past 24 hours and the number of fatalities there since the outbreak began is 1,283

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“This is not a video game.”
Says the cop who looks like he is a villain pulled straight from a video game.

Author — Tom Evans


“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.”

—Albert Einstein

Author — Eli


*"This is a video game, it's fake" - Said No Person Ever.*

Author — hxiderr


"This is not a video game, it's real"
"Who would have believed it"

Author — 1066gaz


It’s a political game and we’re the pawns

Author — young1066


It’s fine, I’ll just respawn at the village. Edit: 107 Likes! "Friendly gunship ready for your mark". Edit (sugarfree): Day 6 of isolation: rona cant get me. Tac insert = GOAT and specialist bonus achieved.

Author — Ur Mums Favourite Baggage Handler


"This is not a video game" - Though pretty much world politics and warfare is run like one.

Author — Esper


The guy dressed up as a video game character says it’s not a video game

Author — 5kayonekiller


‘This is not a video game, Its real.’

*- M. Bison*


Author — devilishmode


Video title: “Coronavirus: This is not a video game, it’s real”
Intro advertisement: “State of Survival” vide game

Author — Are S.


so you're telling me we're not in mario party?

Author — EVERESTboy


I bet Mr Branston pickles alright on his private deserted Island sipping champagne telling his workers to take unpaid leave

Author — paul hoskin


The BBC are loving this. They thrive on misery.

Author — John


the only people who took this as a joke is every world leader.they should all be sacked.

Author — skankhunt 42


When coronavirus is more dangerous thn ISIS😬

Author — Cena 2


Wear mask, s'il vous plaît, policeman. Protect yourself before protecting others. If you are carrying virus, you are spreading the virus when you are performing duty.

Author — Luckie Liu


"This is not a video game"?
But they play with our lives everyday!!!!. WTF!!!!

Author — Terry Oconnell


It is a video game. It's Resident Evil 3 Remake in real life.

Author — potatomato :p


BBC News: "This is not s video game"
Yeah, well no 💩, being locked indoors is a really interesting video game.

Author — Connor Barker


Great game being played by our governments. Wake up sheeple.

Author — Ali