15 Puzzles That Will Keep You Up All Night

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15 Puzzles That Will Keep You Up All Night 3
How to Make Yourself Smarter. Studies have shown that solving riddles and puzzles is exceptionally good for your brain. It sharpens your mind, improves your memory, and teaches you to pay attention to small details. Get ready to train your brain and impress your friends with your new analytical skills with our 15 super hard riddles.

The candle mystery 0:47
The ladder mystery 2:00
The coins mystery 2:52
The grass mystery 3:45
The apple mystery 4:35
Car vs. car 5:23
The apple tree mystery 6:10
The king's task 7:37
A fair bet 8:50
The mystery of the bearded man 9:35
The inheritance mystery 10:12
The shower mystery 11:22
The stylist mystery 12:00
The trapped man mystery 12:35
The truck trick 13:30

Seductress Francis Preve
Honeybar Rondo Brothers

-How did the youngest daughter save her father? Can you figure it out in just 10 seconds?
-How did Paul manage to survive after he had slipped from a 100-ft-high ladder?
-Сan you predict which coin will touch the bottom first?
-How long will it take for the grass to cover half of the field, given that it takes 10 days for the grass to cover the entire field?
-You must place an apple in such a way that all the people in the room but one can see it. Where do you place the apple?
-Which laws of physics do the two cars neglect to encounter each other?
-Can you help Mary find out which tree was her friend?
-Why did the king choose the girl who brought him an empty pot to be the future queen?
-Tim bet Jacob $100 that he could predict the score of a football match before the game began. Why did Jacob lose his money?
-There is a man who shaves a minimum of 10 times a day. Still, he has a long beard. Who is this man?
-The youngest son bought 2 things that immediately filled the room, earning him his father's money. What did he bring home?
-Jane gets in the shower, but, surprisingly, her hair isn’t wet after she gets out. How is this possible?
-Why does a hair stylist prefer to cut the hair of 2 blondes than of one red-haired person?
-Will you be able to help free the man from the trap by picking the right door?
-Guess what the boss's order was that helped the truck driver get out of the trap.

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The only puzzle that keeps me up all night is why I watched this entire video.

Author — Hannah Fuhlhage


You fell of a plane and died

How did you survive?

yOu ArE hAvInG a NiGhTmaRe

Author — CallMeBalloon


On 14 i thought it was the dragon because Dragons aren't Real XD

Author — michaelquackson


Question 11 answer is like: he clapped his hands and the room was filled with sound. So he gave all of his money to him

Author — Red Dextral


I thought the bearded man was like, shaving his legs and armpits or something. Anyone else?

Author — Linnea Sampson


The riddles be like:
Tom fell from the 32nd floor of a 50-floor building. How did he survive?

Answer: He was wearing a parachute.

Author — ZXY


There was other multiple ways to solve the riddles

Author — Luis Gandara


13:54 "put it in reverse terry"

Author — Jv Headshot


Can we acknowledge that Brightside abbreviated is bs.

Author — Jerry Hiddle


Problem 3: pressure not specified. Phase of water is indeterminate.

Author — dk6024


15 puzzles that will lose your faith in YouTube recommendations

Author — ProfFido


In class: 1+1=2
Exam: John has four apples and gives one away. Calculate the mass of the sun.

Author — Joy Mofokeng


We're just gonna ignore the face that Mary from the apple tree puzzle was tripping on acid.

Author — JDub


5:52 one car stopped
Oh no it went wrong...i thought he said they started at the same point and time!?

Author — Govind Gupta


14 too easy... obviously just break the glass or just realize dragons arent real or just use door as shield for heat and hope its not metal

Author — flamemaster46


15 Puzzles That Will Keep You Unsubscribed.

Author — Elite Zararus



Author — Iron Music


Yea, he isn't. He is driving over the dashed lines

Author — PizzaBombz


15 puzzles to waste 15 minutes...

Which you could have better spent on saving 15% or more on car insurance.

Author — HectorH44



The Riddle: A boy ran for 40 miles nonstop, how did he?
Answer: This is the fitness gram pacer test-

Author — odd ravioli