Obama Makes Baby Stop Crying

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Obama Makes Baby Stop Crying 5
President Obama is handed a crying baby from First Lady Michelle, and it immediately stops crying. The look he gives Michelle is priceless in this lighthearted moment outside The White House.

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Michelle holds the baby: baby cries

Obama holds the baby: Baby stops crying

Trump holds the baby: Baby turns three shades yellow

Author — Daybreak


Obama calms baby down and makes them stop crying.
Trump makes babies start crying

Author — Amélie Me


I wish obama could sill be president of us now

Author — Lufthansa Flyer


That little girl will get to look back at those photos..

Author — Terri Kukla


I'd stop crying too if Obama were to hold me

Author — Qwax Payne


That look on President Obama's face to Michelle: "Yeah, that's right . . . I'm the Baby Whisperer!"

Author — Caroline Lee


I guess Trump can make a happy baby cry 😂😂😂

Author — Monk4ever93 Mk4


Most people in America would stop crying if he came back as President.

Author — Patrick Mendoza


that baby also know who's the best president.

Author — naa


Meanwhile trump is making kids cry with his presence

Author — Ahskur KnodaStruggle


Best and coolest president ever 💟💟huge respect and love from india

Author — Dachen Yangzom


His look at Michelle at the very end. Hahahahaha I miss the Obamas so much

Author — Xiomara Rodriguez Reyes


That baby is all of us. I miss having a competent, compassionate President.

Author — Greta Garbolini


I miss the days of having a classy family in the WH.... Anyone else???

Author — Chuck U Farley


I'm crying like that too... cause I miss having real president.

Author — Shadow Phace


Kids never lie he must have a good heart

Author — Jehny Moreno


When the baby grows up
In a job interview
Person- what are your qualifications ?
Baby- once when I was crying Obama picked me up and I stopped crying

Author — Myra


*The dislikes are from the Trump community* 😨

Author — The Banks MSP


*And this is why Obama should still be the president of America*

Author — Spirit Petshops


I miss Obama he was a good Person and deserved to be president 😭❤️

Author — Zoi Rayon