Obama Makes Baby Stop Crying

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Obama Makes Baby Stop Crying 5

President Obama is handed a crying baby from First Lady Michelle, and it immediately stops crying. The look he gives Michelle is priceless in this lighthearted moment outside The White House.

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Imagine this kids mom telling them,

“So you see honey, the president held you as a child”

Author — Ms. BobaTOTES


I’ve just realised, that baby is now 9 years old😳

Author — I am wrong, but,


Imagine the baby, now 9+ being praised by his classmates because he was hugged by the president.

Author — ToPhu GC


Look at the little girl's smile in front of Obama, she looks like she is seeing her favorite superhero. This clip is so heartwarming.

Author — Geórgia Cordeiro


Read the title as “baby makes Obama stop crying” and was genuinely confused for a second

Author — O


I mean he wasnt even my countries president but i really want him to kick Trump off off his position😒😒

Author — Iris van Meijeren


9 years later: its the kid who screamed at trump coming into the classroom

Author — CPV11


When he sees Obama: stop crying
When he sees Trump: crying louder

Edit: thanks for 100 likes!

Author — Dany Ungur


I'm not American but can't deny the fact that I like this man. Obama truly was the people's president.

Author — Ultimate Reveal


The baby when she sees Donald Trump: *sTarTs scREAMing*

Author — D_ynos


Imagine when she grows up and sees this and she would be like: Obama held me 👁👄👁

Author — you know bts


Let’s be honest.... this was on our recommended

Author — Ivy


Trump is the reason she was crying in the first place.

Author — Dustxdevil


The dislikers are sad they didnt get to hug Obama

Author — Controlz IOS


The baby be like : better stop crying we’re next to the president

Author — BezerkMaster


Since this is in everyone’s recommended all of a sudden, YouTube is obviously trying to state sone fax

Author — Dipthi Suntharesan


Title: Obama makes baby stop crying

20M people: *iNtEreStINg*

Author — Vitou Tit


All of Trump's 6k base down voted this, same number of attendees at mini Tulsa rally, go figure!

Author — Agolf Tweetler


Obama: Makes baby stop crying

Trump: Let's build a wall

Author — Ein YouTube Benutzer


Obama: makes baby stop crying just by touching and holding him
Trump: makes all babies cry and wail when they see his picture

Author — Fearsky