Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al (Official Video)

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Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al (Official Video) 5
Check out the official music video for "You Can Call Me Al" by Paul Simon

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A man walks down the street
He says why am I soft in the middle now
Why am I soft in the middle
The rest of my life is so hard
I need a photo-opportunity
I want a shot at redemption
Don't want to end up a cartoon
In a cartoon graveyard
Bonedigger Bonedigger
Dogs in the moonlight
Far away my well-lit door
Mr. Beerbelly Beerbelly
Get these mutts away from me
You know I don't find this stuff amusing anymore

If you'll be my bodyguard
I can be your long lost pal
I can call you Betty
And Betty when you call me
You can call me Al

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💬 Comments on the video

Two bros being bros in a pink room playing saxophone like bros do while sitting 1 foot apart hanging out like true bros

Author — Not Me


Back when a music video could be two guys just screwing around in a pink empty room.

Author — worldwideinterests1


1:58 he just drops a glass on a table that isn’t there

Author — 984047


I didn't know Chevy Chase could sing. He even sounds like Paul Simon.

Author — Pat TheHombre


If you Google Paul Simon Height right now, it will tell you that he is 6’3”. Do not trust this.

Author — Katie McGirt


Anyone else listening to bunch of old songs

Author — Madehski


I still, after all these years, love the quiet comedic genius that was displayed in this video.

Author — Fudge Weasel


On a scale from light pink to 80's I rate this Chevy Chase

Author — Marcel Zager


They dont make awesome music like this anymore.

Author — gabriel munoz


I remember watching this video with my mum as a child and saying, "wow, isn't he short?!" And she replied, " it's because Chevy Chase is so tall."
i watched it with my dad on another occasion and said, "wow, isn't he tall!?" And he replied " that's because Paul Simon is so short" lol

Author — GemJo 100


Just in case you were wondering...
Chevy Chase is 6'4'' Paul Simon is 5'2''

Author — Ana Justice


When I was a kid watching this on MTV, I thought, "whoa, Art Garfunkel looks *exactly* like Chevy Chase!"

Author — AmbuBadger


This might be the most engaged Chevy Chase has been in any role.

Author — Brian C


Paul Simon was 45 in this and he barely looked 30.

Author — Rod Beauvex


I get it. Chevy Chase is Paul Simon's Bodyguard.
He's huge.
And Small Paul sings the Bass Back Up.
Chevy Chase sings Small Paul's part.
Gotta watch this a few times to get the drift.

Author — Peter Jongsma


The bass part in this song is outstanding!

Author — Brendan Carberry


Chevy absolutely made this video great!!! Love this song. Reminds me of being a kid.

Author — Ronaldo Murphano


Whoo hoo still sounds good! Who's listening in September of 2019? 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

Author — Rachel Biah


As a kid this video and song made perfect sense. I have no idea wtf they’re talking about or what the hell is going on now...

Author — Keara Mack


Classic. Low budget. Simple comedic moments. Epic!!!

Author — Jeremiah Hessian