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Welcome to the Tactics Series...
In this Tactics series we will be discussing all about the tactics window in top eleven. in this video we cover about each mentality tactic, mainly defensive, normal and attacking mentality. and the pressing methods used with respect to each mentality and tactic...
in the coming videos we will be covering everything regarding tactics in top eleven...
tactics explained - top eleven Mentality , pressing,
this is a tactics series: in which of the first part we cover or explain tactics of top eleven mainly mentality and pressing

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Nice video.
One thing that maybe I dont really agree is when you say that def mentality has low %chance of winning against atack.
In some hard games when I'm playing atack x atack or normal x atack, I end up having more success after changing for defensive + force counter atack + down both flanks, besides shifting some of the players mentality too.

Author — Pedro Henrique Gabrig da Silva


Good job as always mate...
I need help for something....
1) If my opponent uses long passing style, I must put offside trap on to counter his long balls?
2) Also, if I realise that my opponent plays with offside trap on, I must use short passes with defensive mentality?

Generally, I want some advice about formation+tactics together. For example, if I understand my opponent's tactics and I "read" him, which tactics should I choose to counter his tactics?
If you want and have the chance, you must make a video about that. It could help me a LOT...

Author — A.M.


So if the opponent is using attacking mentality, you should use normal mentality instead of defensive? What are factors that could change this rule?

Author — Von Grutgger


Hi bro... Do you have suggestion on how to counter stronger opponent who play attacking mentality with short passing?

Author — WS Lee


Thanks. Very rich content. I trying going the server but it kept saying invalid response to the captcha questions. How do I resolve this

Author — A.LIVINGSTONE Oretan


I couldn't quite hear what you were saying about defending with high pressure, can you respond and explain why you shouldn't do it?

Author — melvin boateng


Needed this kind of video and u help me to get better than ever
Edit:Congrats for 100 subs

Author — DevilBoy Faliq


How to trainning gk dm dr dl dmc mc ml mr amc aml amr st

Author — Nurdeen Salaeh


How do you play against someone who attacks and press high as well

Author — Long Manu