Interactive Paranormal Activity Seance (360 Degree Video)

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Interactive Paranormal Activity Seance (360 Degree Video) 4.5

Contacting the dead is never a good idea - unless you record it using a 360-degree camera. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension is available now on demand and digital HD.

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💬 Comments on the video

Welcome to the comment section. You are safe here

Author — Mank Demes


*wen u pause to look around*

sweet dreams are made of this

Author — Kiimchi


I was lookin at the floor and I noticed it went a weird color so I looked up and saw two girls. I was just like, "Oh, hello, my fellow dead inside friends!" That was the only thing I saw cause i was turned the wrong way the whole time and all the scary stuff was behind me😂😂😂

Author — PokeBendyTale5NightsMLP IAmTheGoddesOfFandoms


*Girls looks at me*
me:Alright guys, you're just staring at the camera

Author — Mitchikels Torres


I love that the rocking horse increasingly Rocks

Author — Tom Milward


welcome to the comments section we have popcorn cookies and free warm hugs!!

Author — Xneosss_


Those times when you say that you don't get scared...

And then you scream at the top of your lungs when the lights turn out😂😂😂

Author — Kams1016


0:33 seconds in and I already got jumpscared from one of the freaking teens

Author — ArtisticMuffin Wolf


I looked at the horse toy the whole vid and talked to it about how my day was

Author — tee hee


Me seeing the religious three woman: WELL HELLO THERE!

Author — Dat One Kid


when the girls at the end were staring at me I was just like "sup dudes"

Author — Tatum Graham


I feel safe here in the comments, hi friend !!! 😬😬

Author — D L L


I can't believe stuff like this is free to experience on YouTube... it's absolutely amazing!!

Author — Sara Lauren


These people: seriously Come out! I don’t care what happens!
Also these people: i dont like this!, Screaming

Author — Naul 360


I was so glad that when scary things were happening, I could just look away.

Author — • маятнаlоореинеiмег •


how much does that ground cost i would like to buy it

Author — Pumpkin Boi


The Arabian War has started!

*Oil is filling up the comment section*

Author — Coronavirus COVID-19


Am I the only one who said hi when the girls at the end appeared?

Author — WolfieX


3:30 yeah girls, im ready for all of you! COME TO PAPA

Author — Andre niki


When your friend says you can’t last the whole video and you watch it
Maybe not 😬

Author — Kade Retzlaff