2 Meter Sideband (SSB) at Rib Mountain State Park

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Joe and I do a little bit of hill-topping this morning with 2 meter sideband. Be sure to watch to the end to see how the HT contacts fare.



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Great demo of 2m SSB! Here in CT we have a fairly active group that meets almost every day. on 2m SSB. Most stations are located within a 50 mile radius or so of Hartford, CT but there are some outliers in the group too.

Author — SevenFortyOne


It's great seeing you use the homebrew antenna! I really enjoyed the video. Thank you for taking the time to film it for us!

Author — Joseph Bovio


You are very inspiring and YOU gave me the inspiration to get into amatuer radio. Thank you!!

Author — Raymond Sherwin


It was nice to hear you on VHF/UHF SSB.
It sounded good and reminded me of my
IC-706 when I had it almost 20 years ago
mobile in my 2002 Camero.
Also I did enter the VHF/UHF SSBCW
ARRL and CQ contests winning some
awards. I had the VUCC 6 Meter award
for 100 or more grid Squares, reaching
about 150 confirmed.
Back in the 1960's we worked the 6 & 2M contests with AM then!

Author — Raymond Martin


There was some tropo today. I hit 158 miles on 2 m SSB. Someone in Cincinnati used APRS and hit an iGate in Denver. This is forcasted to continue until Tuesday.

Author — Adam Warrix


Terrific video. I assume that was the same tape measure antenna you used in the fox hunt video. Dave

Author — Drsef50


You've come a long way. You are much more comfortable in front of the camera. Keep up the good work. Your efforts are appreciated.

Author — J A


Great video. I have the same radio and learned a little about it by watching you. Also, I have your 2 meter j-pole and it works great. Many thanks!

Author — Santos Salinas


Thank Michael...I learn something new in everyone of your videos

Author — Dennis Clark


great video I've been interested in 2m ssb!

Author — A. j


43 miles HT 5W FM !!!! Holy smoke! Next time you do this kind of test, would it be possible to see how C4FM performs?
I have a couple ft-857s to play with SSB.

Author — rkaag99


Nice activation. A little surprised at the end that you didn't connect the HT to the yagi. Wouldn't have been ideal, but I'll bet you would have better copy on the other station. TNX 73 de K3CXG.

Author — McSkiver


Wow, 43 miles with the stock antenna. Gotta finish my tape measure antenna this week.

Author — John N4EJM


I just got an 11 element beam from a guy in our club, I think I'm going to build a tape measure yagi for the portability. Don't get me wrong, I would love to cart around an 11 element beast, but it's pretty heavy lol. Need to get a 2m SSB radio, it looks fun! I think I'm going to get an Arrow II eventually to work satellites. Thanks for the boredom saving video, 73s from W8IJC (Soon to be KE8OHW)

Author — AndrewHamOp


I´m doing the introductory course for amateur radio oparator in Argentina. Thanks for the videos and I hope to encounter you at the ether any time soon. 73

Author — Fernando Pacheco


Would have been interesting to try Fusion simplex.

Author — Al Bing


Excellent video. I hope to get my technical license this year. Currently working 54 hoirs a week as an essential worker. 73.

Author — Denise McJunkins


is that antenna made with pieces of measuring tape?? that's amazing! great idea for portability :) haha

Author — necro2607


Why didn't you hook up the tape measure antenna to the h/t?

For that matter, would have been a perfect way to demo your J-poles & Slimjim ants. too.

Author — JP Tucson, AZ


Was the other station you were working on 2M SSB also using a horizontally polarized antenna?

Author — LtCol Mueller