Senate announces coronavirus stimulus deal, reaches trillions of dollars | USA TODAY

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Senate announces coronavirus stimulus deal, reaches trillions of dollars | USA TODAY 4

Senate announces third coronavirus relief bill.

A third coronavirus stimulus package was announced by the Senate, reaching $2 trillion and including direct payments to individuals and hospitals.

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Why are big businesses getting more funding than hospitals?

Author — Kenny aka TI


1 for you 2 for me
1 for you 4 for me
1 for you 8 for me
1 for you 16 for me

Author — mopthermopther


It 2008 all over again save the the 99%.

Author — Red894336643


This is like someone eating a pizza and then offering you the crust.

Author — Candle Jack


And every penny of it has to be paid back by the American taxpayer. Or their grandchildren.

Author — please daddy


Yay free money, can we now all go buy toilet paper!?!?

Author — Kevin Portillo


Why are businesses getting more money than hospitals??? Why!

Author — Alvaro Mendoza


They keep saying "per person." From my understanding, if you didn't file taxes in the last 2 years you get nothing.

Author — IHMadeThis


Hurry the hell up and make a decision, Jesus

Author — Ben Donahue


$2 trillion, let that sink in.

Where is it coming from? We're already $20+ trillion in debt. I don't see how this can continue. The FED hasn't even completely unwound it's balance sheet from the GFC...and now this. Get prepared folks, more pain to come (and probably more "free" money too).

Author — Chris S.


when u post a slide show with transitions on yt
thats annoying

Author — JareBareXP


They forgot the self employed as usual I get a 1099 so I can not get unemployment...

Author — Methos inx


They are giving over double the amount to business over it's own citizens!?

What in the actual hell!?

Author — TafTabTah


They can get the money to give to these businesses but not to the people themselves. We are ruled by a criminal organization.

Author — dcrews100


What about the next relief package? Keep 'em coming!

Author — Tyler C


I call bs on Congress passing anything besides benefiting there own family's pockets ..

Author — Joseph Ianneillo


"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few"----Spock
Apply your own interpretation of this principle as it relates to the stimulus bill. For me, it's crystal clear.

Author — hugh jorgan


"How do you expect to pay for universal health care?"

Author — Charlotte


This basically shows how flawed our economy is. All it takes is a scare and the entire thing is ready to collapse on itself. How do these big businesses not have enough money to weather out a storm? Why do we always have to bail them out?

Author — Jason Aguilar


And the house adjourned after 115 seconds and won't vote on anything today

Author — Brandi lord