Lake Fiddlehead [Collab w/ Irrelephantsims] - The Sims 4 Speed Build

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Sorry, no tray files/external download.

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- Royal Mountain Breakdown [The Mini Vandals]

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I hope you guys enjoyed this build! This is just a small part of the collab, we will be posting the rest of the builds during the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye on social media for announcements and don't forget to check out @Irrelephantsims 's channel!

Author — Peach Plays


I would really love to see this in your own Little Box Project save file!!! It's so cool, thank you for sharing it with us! 😁

Author — Giorgia Risi


Definitely add it to the Little Boxes Project! Amazing build!

Author — A Colorful Chaos


I love this! It would be perfect as part of the LBP 💕

Author — Hannah Stoddart


I LOVE!! This turned out so cute <3 thank you for all your kind words xD

Author — IrrelephantSims


this looks amazing!!!! the debug details add so much charm

Author — leïla


This place is sooo adorable! Thanks for sharing 😊👍

Author — SimsPandy


Woa, I'm not that late this time. I love all the extra detail you put in the water. This lake is so cool for fishing and relaxing. I love it. 😌❤️

Author — 【AYU】


Yeees put this in your save file!! It looks AMAZING

Author — Whimsyalien


Im binge watching your videos. You are so good at it. You should know that. and anyone who plays the sims 4 should know that. Absolutely amazing!

Author — Kübra


I can't believe I just found your tumblr and youtube, your buildings are amazing

Author — Veronica dos Santos Domingues


I think you should keep your collaboration in the little box project because in addition to you enjoying it, every time you see it in your save file, it would remind you of the nice collaboration you two had. Memories, you know?

Also, I loved watching you landscape the bottom of the lake. It's a nice touch of creativity.

Author — Silver Nightingale


I love the idea. Like genius, you know?

Author — Kübra


I thought the granite falls mascot was a beaver lol

Author — Crazy Carly


i am just wondering, why no tray files ... ?

Author — Daniela Dioguardi