Geamana - The Toxic Lake in Romania

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Geamana - The Toxic Lake in Romania 5

What you’re looking at is an aerial view from a toxic lake in Geamăna, Romania.

But only 40 years ago this wasn’t a lake. This used to be a picturesque little village with farms and houses, set in a beautiful green valley. In the seventies communist dictator Ceaușescu claimed an entire region, forced the residents to relocate, and then drowned the area with toxic residue from a nearby copper mine. Today only the top part of a church protrudes the waste. The mineral rich slurry reacts with rain and spring water, creating acid & cyanide. This man made lake is pure poison.

Operations from the mine should have halted, but in early spring of this year the pumps were on full force. The sludge in the valley raises at an alarming rate of 1 meter per year. The entire groundwater basin is now polluted and will affect all neighbouring countries.

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What a sad sight... imagine having lived there and looking back now. Human pollution knows no boundaries.

Author — Storystein


I just saw a video about this and i got really interested and i looked up it's history and it's revolting that those IDIOTS did that to the village. I'm someone who puts myself in other people shoes and i think ' how would I feel if i were them?' and it helps me understand the pain that the villagers must of went through.

Author — Karlee Dewalee


That background music makes it even more eary. Trickle sound of toxic slug.

Author — Brian J