European Travel Skills Part I

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European Travel Skills Part I 5

Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide | In this first of three shows covering travel skills and tips, we'll visit the Netherlands and Germany to learn about transportation by train and car within Europe, changing money, and settling in upon arrival. How well you're able to enjoy the delights of Europe depends upon how well you plan and how skillfully you travel.

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Most polite and well-mannered person I have ever seen on Internet

Author — Abdullah Yousaf



Author — xCoreProductions


You are absolutely what I was looking for. I've been using vlogs to get European info on the essentials, like money, hotels, travel, etc...But they only cover the "good" stuff of their travel. You on the other hand, have presented exactly what I wanted, and helped me learn more before my travel. Thank You Very Much For This!

Author — The 5 Ways


Germany is beautiful! Greetings from your Dutch neighbour!

Author — Mark Sykes


Hi Mr Steves! I'd just like to say thank you for uploading these online!!!!
I love watching your show on PBS but when I came to college I didn't have a TV, so now I watch you on my phone and it makes me feel right at home when I'm homesick! You're such a great speaker. I love traveling and I love how simple you make everything! My family is going to Spain in the summer for a cruise and then a little adventure, and I'm looking forward to whipping out all these top tips and impressing my parents!
You're such an inspiration to me and so sweet and kind! Thank you Rick Steves!

Author — Neva


A little update: *in the Netherlands paying by card has quickly become the preferred payment method.* Some places (Most importantly buses! And some restaurants) do not allow cash payments at all anymore.

In Germany, on the other hand, cash is still definitely preferred in most places.

Author — PoisonTheOgres


I was born and lived in the Netherlands, I married an Italian, lived in Italy, the Netherlands and London. I traveled extensively throughout Europe and the UK. Rick could pass as a citizen of all the countries he visits. He really "gets into it." Absolutely the BEST travel guide, ever.

Author — 1oldmariner


My next European trip will definitely be a full train ride trip so I can get that full experience of the beautiful scenery outside + less hassle of going through an airport. :)

Author — feenix00


Train and road seem so much more inviting - except in those cases where of course time is important.

Author — elegy slp


I love Rick Steve's travel shows and this includes so much info foreigners need to know as well as seeing some of the interesting places around. Thank you Rick!

Author — Joanne Deal


I watched his shows and hoped that once day I would had traved like him back late 1990's. Now I am still dreaming and watching him again on youtube.

Author — Dat Nguyen


Thanks a lot Rick Steve. These are excellent tips just on point for my December trip to Europe. Will be visiting Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France and Spain. What is the benefit of rail pass if you still have to pay for reservation? Any advice for me regarding the rail pass or ticket option?

Author — Steve Mazwan


I want to do the Uk, France, and Switzerland for three weeks by rail.. :)

Author — Hilary Benoit


What a pleasure to have found your channel, Sir. I can only dream of becoming as successful as you some day. New subscriber. 💋🌹

Author — Verena travels


Love the Way Rick Stve Covers Every Detail on his Trips. That is why he is the BEST. IMHO.

Author — Jennifer Lorence


I love Rick Steves. He's certainly inspired me to travel and start my own travel blog!

Author — kjaroundtheworld


This is a great video. Love the scoring and everything in it. :) Still effective even if this is 2 years ago.

Author — Dalia Lourenço


I'm really enjoying your videos. They're giving me the push I needed to go out and travel more!! Thank you!!!

Author — asianinky


Love the bloopers portion! Ricks been helping me plan my travels for years now. Thankx Rick!

Author — More Than


Thank you so much. Just back from Amsterdam and this video really helped. God Bless.!

Author — Mohamed Hafeez