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Uncle Hitler introduces us to the descendants, family members, acquaintances and employees of Adolf Hitler. The documentary focuses on exploring the unknown story of Hitler's family and the dramatic fates of those related to the most hated man in history.

It also explores the genetic history of Eva Braun to determine if Hitler and his wife had any Jewish ancestries, and it establishes the claims that Hitler’s relatives hold to his remaining assets. The film introduces Hitler's living relatives including cousins in Austria, grand-nephews in Germany and New York and his in-laws, including Eva Braun's close cousin, her two sisters and the fates of their respective families and heritage.

Betrayal, murder, conspiracy, physical deformity, incestuous love and robbery are all part of the ongoing tale of the exceptionally dysfunctional Hitler family.

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No one is born guilty, they cannot take the blame for what this man did.

Author — Ayo Jay


"It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.”

Author — deeksha gupta


This interviewer is very unfair, you cannot help what family you are born into.

Author — Karen M


These people were children at the time and even if they weren't they aren't responsible I had nothing to do with it. I suppose it's interesting to see his lineage and his family but to Target them as some sort of criminals is totally wrong

Author — Agent 99


Stop attacking people just because their relatives did wrong things! You are not guilty of what your relatives do!

Author — yrabr


They seem like simple really nice people. They can’t help what their maniac relative did. Don’t bully them

Author — Sharon Portillo


Why would anyone think this was a good idea? Why should they be punished for what a relative did? This guy should be ashamed of himself and whomever agreed to go along with this should hide in shame.

Author — Jessica C. Solomon


If this was done by a better interviewer, this would be worth millions

Author — barndog


It's soo true what they say you can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family!

Author — Alice Zecevich


Ridiculous. It would be wonderful if we could actually have some strictly historical, and unbiased, information. Not even ten minutes in, and the effort has already been made to point out possible Jewish ancestry and hunchbacks. I can see what direction this is taking. It really is no wonder, the dislike that some people have for certain others. So sickening...and it never stops. :-(

Author — mtnvortex


The relatives handled themselves well and seemed like very likeable people. I enjoyed becoming acquainted with them.

Author — Marie Hernandez


i was hoping to learn more about the relatives perception on ww2, but i was faced with biased and rude interviewers, which ruined any educational purposes this documentary could possibly have. no one can control what family they’re born in, so it was unfair.

Author — catarina


Despite the frustration from these interviewers, I started to cry after 34:00 because I can’t help but feel sympathetic for the poor family

Author — Peyton Williams-Morrison


I see the interviewer is a strong proponent of the good old "you were born guilty" narrative. Going to ride that horse til it drops.

Author — OC Run


I really feel for these people, innocents bearing the disgraced family names have really got it bad in life.

Author — Kranky. K!


It was especially clever and insightful of the old girl to point out that the interviewer's idea that she was guilty by family connection amounts to 'sippenhaft'.

Author — Nigel Jackson


Wow, I feel for her, she genuinely just wants to live her life in peace.

Author — Nomad Jedi Master


Doing a historical documentary requires the documentary itself to be not biased which this on here clearly isn't. The reporter pushes his own narrative and his own believes in the end.

Author — JayJay


Ah, fifty minutes of amateur harassment of the elderly.

Author — Dusty Forgotten


The dispassionate inconsideration that this interviewer/narrator displays towards these people is just as inhumane as the war criminals he's trying "research". Its despicable how he is manipulating them, and their traumatic experiences, over a past that they had no control over, and provoking even more misery for them. I got as far as 33:00 and had to stop watching. I wouldn't even recommend 5 minutes of this. Leave these poor families alone

Author — Jenny B-Bagnall