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Uncle Hitler (Hitler's Family Documentary) | Timeline 4

Uncle Hitler introduces us to the descendants, family members, acquaintances and employees of Adolf Hitler. The documentary focuses on exploring the unknown story of Hitler's family and the dramatic fates of those related to the most hated man in history.

It also explores the genetic history of Eva Braun to determine if Hitler and his wife had any Jewish ancestries, and it establishes the claims that Hitler’s relatives hold to his remaining assets. The film introduces Hitler's living relatives including cousins in Austria, grand-nephews in Germany and New York and his in-laws, including Eva Braun's close cousin, her two sisters and the fates of their respective families and heritage.

Betrayal, murder, conspiracy, physical deformity, incestuous love and robbery are all part of the ongoing tale of the exceptionally dysfunctional Hitler family.

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This interviewer is very unfair, you cannot help what family you are born into.

Author — Karen M


Leave these people alone, they did nothing wrong- why attack them with your camera if they have no connection to any crime? It’s just stupid.

Author — NY Devil


How sad that people badger the relatives. Leave them alone

Author — Aleesha Jo


The reporter wants people to agree to what he says...he has his own agenda...totally bias program

Author — John Anthony Fingleton


I see the interviewer is a strong proponent of the good old "you were born guilty" narrative. Going to ride that horse til it drops.

Author — OC Run


The old lady should have kicked the interviewer out of her house. He wanted to cause a fight.

Author — Beth Parker


39:40 This translation is a lie. The correct text is: "Each to his own". Not "You get what you deserve". When people want to document history, it should at least be the truth.

Author — Kalle Klæp


Aggressive journalism at it's finest. Didn't they ever think of writing a nice letter, to Hitler's relatives? Instead of turning up unexpectedly and thrusting cameras in their faces.

Author — Flash Gordon


Mrs Brown is being bullied by the reporter/interviewer and its wrong.

Author — permacultured and free


Wow. This is fascinating but why was that reporter badgering Eva Brauns cousin about her knowledge of the concentration camps? She was only a young woman at the time; even if she had known, what could she have done?

Author — Wilford Fraser


Very disappointing flick. Not worth watching in the end.

Author — oooSoundOfLifeooo


This complete video was made to serve one thing! An interview! This is ridiculous, this is not a documentary! All main goal of the author is to search for guilt in Braun's family!

Author — Ahmad Suleiman


The interviewer was asking a lot of leading questions to Eva Brauns cousin. Not a good interviewer.

Author — Tracy Wilborn


the badgering of Eva Braun's 1st cousin is disgraceful

Author — Daniel Arevalo


You missed a better-sounding title there. It should have been *_Mein Uncle_*

Author — Richard Nixon


Honestly, this is pretty poor form for documentary film making. They clearly didn't call ahead to several of the people they wanted to interview and they badgered Eva Braun's cousin and that guy who wanted the rights to Mein Kampf. It felt more like guerilla Journalism than documentary film making

Author — History Muse


Oh my god she is just a teen ager during Auntie Eva, why is the reporter pushinh his oppinion about her,

Author — kulas jennerman


he established an empire and destroyed it by his own hands by taking so many lunatic decision.

Author — Pushpendra Singh


Gertraud Weisker seems a lovely person. It is sad she and her family members endured the nightmare and its aftereffect(s).

Author — simpsoned27


good grief leave that poor woman alone. just bc she is related to hilter doesnt mean she had anything to do with what he done during his time. i feel bad for her bc you can see she is ashamed of it but ppl feel the need to bother her. smh

Author — Onlytymewilltell