Trevor Noah Compares South Africa's Leaders To America's

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Trevor Noah Compares South Africa's Leaders To America's 5
How many similarities could possibly exist between South Africa's President and Donald Trump? Well, according to 'Born a Crime' author and 'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah...

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I saw his comedy live in Tampa. He's such a funny guy and spontaneously funny. Someone shouted "hey Trevor, nice ass!" And he said "thank you. I inherited two things from my grandad: his sense of humor and this ass. And it's helped me make money, and now that comedy is taking off I might be able to give my ass a break."

Author — Reven619


they could do a TV show of this President Swap... and call it Black is the new Orange.

Author — NoDice Paradise


Trevor makes too much sense and his messages are loud and clear. Trevor my man!

Author — N. Chambers


you know it's bad when he says that there has been another horrific shooting and you have to look at the date to see which one it is.

Author — Carter West


The color combination of that shade of green and that navy blue 😍😍😍😍👌🏾

Author — Minnie


I think people hate him because he has a cute dimple.

Author — Nilah Mccarthy


Hell no, we don't want Trump in South Africa. 😂

Author — Th3 Basic


I'm a simple man I see Trevor Noah I click

Author — Ludwig Thouvenin


"I left... just to practice leaving"😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Kabelo Khothatso Selemela


That was a great interview. Trevor is sharp, funny and beautiful.

Author — BJ Lincoln


I'm desperately in love with Trevor. What am I gonna do :(

Author — Ha Trinh


Tomi Lahren "I don't see colour"
Trevor Noah "what do you do at traffic lights"

Author — Tahmid Ahmed


Trevor is massively talented, I'm really glad Jon gave him a chance and he finally proved himself.

Author — Bhaskar


Trevor made Stephen so uncomfortable 😂😂 this was delightful to watch lol

Author — Esmerelda Spiritus


Trevor is my husband, he just doesn't know it as yet.

Author — K Family


Lets get Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert and John Oliver all together!

Author — Micah Wood


I like Trevor, he is a very funny and smart man

Author — Michele Salvemini


When people tell me the perfect man doesn't exist, and I'm like... Trevor Noah though?

Author — Milly Borkovic


Omg hes soo sexy and his accent is breath takin😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🌸💝💝💝💝💝

Author — Kyra Dudley


My two favorite people in one place, i can watch them for ever.

Author — Joel Nunez