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Tretinoin 0.1% (prescription)


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Thank you for the wash cloth recommendation. Love them!

Author — jujubee315


You are lovely. I would strongly caution against putting retinoic acid close to the eye and on the eyelid. It can damage glands in the eye responsible for moisture. Dry eye is no joke. Please look into it. Ask an eye doctor, not a dermatologist.

Author — Tanya Canam


Love it! It’s exactly how I apply it. Good to know Ive been doing it right

Author — Pochely:


I’m also on the highest strength tretinoin and I do the same thing. Mix a generous amount into a pump or so of CeraVe and I put it all over my face, neck, backs of hands. I also use on lips and brow bone like you demonstrated here. This was recommended to me by my dermatologist and has been working out fine though I find that too many consecutive days of using it can still make me irritated. I just skip a day or two until I’m ready again. I’m also using CeraVe face wash. I wish I began when I was younger is my only regret😩

Author — MIMvlog


Such a beauty! :) Thanks again Jenna! I will now buy and try the Cerave lotion cause I don't find any better for hidrating. :)

Author — PeterPan 711


Thank you Jenna, it’s great to learn that method! Wish you a happy day❤️

Author — Melisa Clifford


Happy belated Thanksgiving :)
Totally agree with you on the microfiber cloths. It was a revelation to me when it comes to make up removal. It removes everything but isn't abrasive. And the luna 3 is srsly amazing. Foreo 's having crazy good BF deals rn & I got myself the luna 3, the big pink one.Tried it just now and wow, blown away.

Author — Lanie Marino


Great video thank you !! I will definitely call my dermatologist. BTW where do you get your bralette it’s adorable ...😀 thank you

Author — m ap


Just found your channel, and subscribed. Love it! Why did you switch from the rose hip oil to the josie maran? I've been using retin a for years, but its winter in utah = <10% humidity, and would like to start using a face oil. I just cannot get enough moisture in my skin. Wake up dry every day!

Author — tjanecki


OMG! I've been wanting to try Tretinoin but right now am on soolantra and doxycycline for rosacea. Once I get it under control I'll have a talk with my dermatologist about tretinoin. It looks like it'll save a lot of steps in my skincare routine and I'll see results. Your skin looks beautiful by the way 😍

Author — Dinaliz Romero


yes!! love adding the tretinoin in with moisturizer, I think it helps a ton with decreasing irritation and the extent of "purging"

Author — Rebecca


Thank you for this! I've been using tretinoin gel 0.5 for 2 months, every single night, because I had minor peeling once, and manageable redness and tiny pimples. BUT it suddenly irritated me and I felt stinging, my eyebrows peeled and I have tiny whiteheads in certain areas... and I stopped for a week. I just used the sandwich method and I'm waiting to see if it works. I have no idea why it irritated me after 2 months... Does this happen to anyone else?

Author — missStellaV


The only face wash that doesn’t burn my skin now that I started is Vanicream face. Also I haven’t worn makeup in months because of the pandemic, I picked the perfect time to start Tretinoin because my purging was really bad but I didn’t care because no one is seeing me anyways :)

Author — Annette Emma


That thumbnail is an effective clickbait.

Author — H


Hi :) How often do you do this entire routine? Is it every night? including the foreo exfoliation?

Author — Zinat M


I just started Tretinoin with Curology in August, right after my 43rd birthday. Its only been 4 months. Before I was using The Ordinary 1% Retinol. Currently I'm only on 0.02%. I work in healthcare and wear a mask for 10 hours a day. Because of the mask, I stopped wearing makeup. I feel the mix between being makeup free and the Tretinoin my skin looks radiant, no visible pores. I'm sure I'd continue to see better results but.. the wine.. Oh you Cabernet!! 🤣

Author — Watchgirl 77


Thanks for the update. Btw Im still waiting your accutane experience video! I just started accutane myself a few days ago so it would be cool to see.

Author — Kristoffer


Hi Jenna, thanks for your videos! I've tried to use tretinoin 0, 50 every night, but after two weeks and some peeling effect, I felt it was making my skin thinner and weaker. I even saw some little wrinkles coming up and I stopped using it. Is this normal at the beginning? Should I keep on using it? Maybe using 0, 25? What are your thoughts on this? (I'm thirty years old, with a bit of acne, pigmentation and some enlarged pores in my cheeks area) Thank you so much!

Author — Camille Simonet


You do an awesome job in your skin care. Your skin looks amazing 😇🥰

Author — Lidia Valentine


Just started my treatment tonight! My dermatologist recommend me do these steps to help dilute the product! Thanks for posting!

Author — George Diaz