Are ULIPs a Good Investment? Unit Linked Insurance Plan Explained | Investing with Sharad

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

In this video, I explain what ULIPs (unit linked insurance plans) are, and why I don't like ULIPs. I personally wouldn't recommend anyone to invest in a ULIP and I explain why in this video. I also explain two yardsticks with which I assess all my investments to know if it's good or not. If you found this video useful, do subscribe to my channel for more such videos on investing and personal finance.

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Thank you Sir !! Really helpful!! 👍 Though I had a ULIP earlier I finally now understand what it means to invest in it !!

Author — Jolleen Ruby D'sa


Very informative video.investment and insurance are separate ☺️

Author — Balaji E


Very informative Video Sir!!!
I am confused that to buy ULIP or not....after watching this video I am sure that ULIP is not for me
Good example of using that amount in Term plan + Equity MF

Author — chintan golwala


Sir wonderful explanation.
Would a ulip product be suitable for investing in the financial future of a minor, time horizon of the inevstment being 15 years?

Even though there is a lock in period of 5 years, we can switch between funds in the ulip (example various Tata AIA ulips) given the tax free advantage.

Does this make sense? Would appreciate your view.

Author — brinel


Hi Sir ! Vanakam! Hope you are doing good. Thanks for educating us on ULIP. To me this was the first time am hearing this kind of a insurance and good that you have explained clearly the drawbacks of it. Keep the good work going

Author — Sumanth S


Very informative video uncle
Without further ado Please share
Information on SIp mutual funds selection criteria to consider and the platform to go through the process
Many Thanks

Author — Bam Bam


It's a very helpful video. Thank you Sir.

Author — Anita Sharma


An agent sold me SBI ulip and suffering like anything that couldn't be able to come out and lock in period for 5 years each 2L/year. Completed 3 years and 2 more years to be paid up and then only I could take the amount, so what you said is 100% right and subscribers and public please don't go behind like ULIP policy.

Author — தமிழக இந்தியா


Same also with Endowment plans
Nice video sir 👌

Author — karpada yashpalsinh


Very informative
Waiting for more to come

Author — Gopal Garg


Hi Uncle. Crisp & clear information. I am sure this was your 1st & last time you talked about ULIP 😄. ULIP is the product for which I receive highest marketing calls, yet never fell into that trap. Absolutely fantastic videos for personal financial awareness 🙌

Author — Abhijit Pattanayak


Sir can you make video on comparing mutual and index funds

Author — Darius Tanz


Thanks for sharing your knowledge and I’m saved my self before an agent sale who compelling me to give commitment on call then I have told him that let me grow throw YouTube reviews about this products and get back to you .. time god and first all there is a locking period for 5 years and life coverage is only 10 to 12 which is worst as we are expecting approximately 1 cr by paying 10K per month

Author — mani madishetty


Sir i took the ULIP in January 2021. It is for 7 years ICICI prudential signature policy. What can I do now ? Can I surrender that policy or will it be good to surrender it now ?

Author — Swati Patidar


You don’t like ULIP so you explained in a negative manner, compare with mutual funds actual numbers and returns. At the end we care about returns and depending upon the apetite of the invester he can decide about exit.
And one more things the mortality charges are returned after 10 years, what you have to say on that ?

Author — mohammed aatif


Why is the insurance policy that pays you after 15 or 20 years not a type of investment? Although the policy cover up insurance claims but it does pay you back at the maturity of the term. In your video, you said to invest 10 thousand in insurance policy and 90 thousand in mutual funds. Would you say having a policy means securing the future? How does that amount at maturity competes with inflation?

Author — Farukh Ali