The Apple Tree II Feat. The Glitch Mob

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

10th Anniversary celebration for the video that started it all. Enjoy.

Song 1: Enter Formless (Machinedrum Remix)
Song 2: Take Me With You (Rob Simonsen Remix)
Song 3: Disintegrate Slowly (1788-L Remix)
Song 4: I Could Be Anything (REZZ Remix)

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I have tears in my eyes because i thought i would never see one of your videos ever again. You dont how much this made me happy. You are truly talented and always was. I really hope life is treating you well. I loved your work 9 years ago and cant believe it was such a long time ago. Your videos bring be way back. Thank you Khameleon808. And thanks for whatever inspired you to do this because it really made me very happy. Thank you.

Author — Jimmy Cracky


9 years of waiting.
It was worth it.
Thank you!

Author — Hypeall


Welcome back! Worth the 9 year wait! The Apple Tree has always been one of my favorite pieces of youtube.

Author — Keenan Gappa


The level of skill, the little easter eggs, the themes explored...great job as usual. The one thing that didn't resonate with me as much was the choice of songs. The first appletree blew me away, dubwar took it to the next level and explored the darkness in the music, this in comparison feels a little too light-hearted and thus less exciting. However part 3 was just my absolute favourite part. Well done man. Please don't be like James Cameron, don't make us wait 10 years again, please.

Author — Vanguard


just wow! absolute masterpiece. every single day waiting was worth it. Thank you very much for your incredible work!

Author — melonenjoe


CAN IT BE? A RETURN OF THE APPLE TREE?! My prayers answered.

Author — Jeff Pedlow


Really loved it! Thank you for bringing us another masterpiece!

Author — Karoline


KHAMELEON! Never thought I would see the day that this video would be released, but I can safely say It was worth the wait. You never fail to deliver! Just incredible

Author — Jud


Dude thank you, I seriously want to cry. The first Apple Tree means so much to me and part two brings back so many of the same vibes. Awesome awesome work!

Author — Eric Hall


Hey good stuff. Your Tron video is still the most memorable thing that came out of that movie for me. Glad you are making something new.

Author — That Greek Guy


So good! Also, The Apple Tree has aged really well - a decade's ago gem of YouTube.
Congrats, my good sir!

Author — Pacman Eats 13


I'm late in finding this but I am SO happy to see there's an Apple Tree II. Absolutely stunning.

Author — Rythurmorn


After a long wait, you finally put a smile on our face. You don't know how much we love your work.

Author — The Final Question


The Take me with you part is so good! I've been watching it on repeat for 4 days now. Great song and great editing!

Author — cekobidonq


Another 9 years for The Apple Tree III? Countdown starting now. I don't mind. Release for this one was just in time for my bday :D Thank you!

Author — Nedko Georgiev


Thank you for bringing another 15 minutes of perfection to my life, even if it’s once a decade it’s still well worth the wait!!!! I’ve been checking on your channel at least few times a year in case your new video evaded me somehow :))

Author — Martynas Pocius


Круто! Я ждал этого 10 лет. И вот новый шедевр!!! Спасибо) Ждём новых видео!

Author — Владимир Ващук


Я один 10 лет ждал? Не обманул, респект!!!

Author — Tiger McKill


10 years, and worth the wait.. absolutely amazing! Words are not enough. Thank you for the amazing work. The audio mastering was outstanding! I'm thankful that I had the pleasure to listen to this through Airpods Max, quite the experience. Here's to you, and may we have the fortune to experience another masterpiece soon! 🙏

Author — EvoSteveIX


You inspired me all those years ago to try my hand at video editing. I’m nowhere near this good, and my projects are small, but your influence over the way I view media and experience music cannot be understated. Thank you for coming back with this absolutely killer video, keep it up 👑

Author — brujomenor