Coronavirus: Excess deaths of 64,000 in UK during COVID-19 pandemic

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Coronavirus: Excess deaths of 64,000 in UK during COVID-19 pandemic 3

The UK has suffered 64,000 more deaths than usual over the course of the #coronavirus pandemic.

An extra 14,000 deaths have been reported that are not officially attributed to COVID-19, with large numbers in care homes.

Deaths per million are higher in the UK than in Italy and France, but lower than in Spain and Belgium.

Boris Johnson said last month that the only accurate way to compare COVID-19 death rates with other countries was by using excess deaths statistics.


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41000 in BBC
47000 in evening standard
64000 in sky news
Which figures is correct?

Author — Inul Mohamed


As others have said, governments lie so we'll have to wait and see

Author — M I


Me sitting in my house right before June: why do I hear boss music

Author — Nuggeteer


drinking game
take a shot every time he says excess deaths

Author — Orzhov


Where did the 45k Covid 19 death's come from, when we were told today by the government that it's actually 37, 048??? A difference of 7, 952 ???

Author — Elizabeth Ross-Watson


I've been patiently waiting to go back to the pub, have a pint and wait for all this to blow over...

Author — Tony T


i feel like 90% of the comments are from people who think it’s fake lmao. yall stupid

Author — ebinulem


Turn off your TV .. it's spreading covid-19

Author — Nil Bymouth


yall know they mark alot of random deaths as covid death so the actual covid deaths are WAYY lower

Author — Gavin


oh, and 4, 789 in all China. Apparently.

Author — Littlepippin


"If we can keep deaths below 20, 000 we've done a good job" OH

Author — Captain_Bigzy


Is that league table position based on your estimated "excess deaths" or goverment figures? 🤔

Author — pinkie perky


This is the Lubrication for ( TRACK & TRACE ) 🤔 🤨

Author — niceguy60


Huh, so a normal news channel actually shows the real statistics instead of the government run news channel, no surprise there.

Author — Bongo Dongo


How many CD19 souls were treated in the massively hyped up temporary hospital NEC anyone know?

Author — eamon thomas


Fear making programme to keep us locked down and promote ending brexit and a car free future

Author — Stephen Godsmark


64, 000 dead???

😥🤬 well that escalated quickly!!

Author — Totally Awemazing


Er, I look at the published deaths from each week and each month and this does not match with the actual figures so I'm confused. Also, care homes have higher reported deaths because they weren't taking people to hospital so they were dying there instead of hospitals. I find the way they're portraying this on this video very misleading

Author — Tom Alebine


here we go. more templates for new. law justifications. so. predictable. YAWN!!

Author — Time for Wakey Wakey


0:52 adding non covid deaths to covid deaths wow
The stats are so bloody rigged

Author — Random Guy