iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max - Unboxing, Setup and First Look

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iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max - Unboxing, Setup and First Look 5

iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max were released today along with iPhone 11. In this video I unbox the iPhone 11 Pro in midnight green and the iPhone 11 Pro Max in space gray. I show you what comes in the box, talk about price, specs, and take a look at the cameras. #iPhone11pro #iphone11promax #iOS13 #Apple

***Time Codes***
00:00 - Start
00:06 - Colors
00:14 - Price
00:29 - Unboxing
02:45 - Phone overview
03:33 - Size comparison
04:06 - Weight
05:07 - Specs
05:33 - Display
06:12 - Setup
07:24 - Haptic Touch
07:44 - Wallpaper
08:38 - RAM / Performance
08:53 - Cameras
11:19 - Battery
11:40 - Water resistance
11:50 - Texture and feel
12:51 - Front and Rear video camera test
13:36 - Outro
13:56 - End


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Outro Music: “Halos” by Yung Logos - Available in the YouTube Create Audio Library
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ill be upgrading from a iphone 7 to 11 pro so it will be a massive improvement

Author — mistorymage


Mine is still on damn delivery truck waiting for it to get to post office so i can pick it up

Edit: got it

Author — Hego Damask II


This video just called me broke in so many ways . 😭😂

Author — Pyt Lin


Who else likes to watch videos of things that they’ll never get😔

Edit: I got it☺️

Author — ‘67Veteran


I should receive my 11 pro midnight green on Monday seriously thinking about swapping it for the 11 pro max !

Author — ROL BROWN


Am watching this on my iPhone 8 and yes I liked my own comment

Author — Ash


I was like they come with AirPods now? B

Author — Arex


I'm upgrading from home button to full screen a huge upgrade.

iPhone 6 to iPhone 11 pro

Author — Nik Patel


I got my 11 Pro Max and decided it’s too big so I’m swapping it out for the 11 Pro. Gonna stick with the midnight green color though.

Author — Jacob Rowe


If you can’t decide between space gray or midnight green go for the green. You basically get both colors in one because in certain lighting it just looks black

Author — mmjacksom


I’m on a iPhone 8+ I’m probably going to get the iPhone 11 because of the price ...

Author — Scotty G


Getting the space grey, just to be different 😂

Author — Ant Biggs


Really nice phones! I am going to wait until 2020 for the real changes.

Author — Gene Paradiso


Good review as always. Not messing around, straight forward and clean reviews. Nice job. 👌

Author — Istvan Kovasznai


Can't wait for your full review! Good job as usual

Author — Robert Huttunen


I always love seeing your videos in my feed! Thanks for the great content!

Author — masterduelistky


Thank you for this! Was waiting on this exact comparison.

Author — Dubul Ordon


0:17 changed right and left..haha the iphone11 pro and the pro max (think you’ve got it already..haha)

Author — 한서연


A bit late to the video, but it’s awesome!

Author — Vxazy RBLX


I unsubscribed from Everything Apple Pro and subscribed to you as you are less sensational and give the facts with honest reviews. Highly informative videos!

Author — Ant Smith