Melania Trump Says 'You're Fired'

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Melania Trump Says 'You're Fired' 5
Years after First Lady Melania Trump took her husband's last name, she's now stealing his catchphrase, too: 'You're fired.'

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the "office of first lady" is an unelected office should have no business in state affairs

Author — doug wong


anyone who happens to be French and reading this. we are really sorry about the president.

Author — XxDemonicGamer


Funny story
I live in Paris, France, rain wasn’t that bad and everyone could attend the ceremony in the cemetery!! When he’s gonna stop bullshitting everyone?!

Author — Qais Abughulmi


I do not recall electing Melania to do one goddamned thing. It is not right for her to have the power to do this.

Author — DrumWild


It seems to me that this entire administration has been home schooled by Betsy Devos.

Author — Chris Mason


"Man, I wish I had some American wine" said no French person ever

Author — john k


What happened to the caravan?? It disappeared after midterms.

Author — Chele K


Trump again insults the many countries that fought against Hitler's military for years before the USA got involved.

Author — annoyed707


France is ok, it doesn't have a clown for president

Author — JCS


Melania is just as bad as her husband... Both think and behave like they rule the US, instead of serving the American people...

Author — Dennis Stempher


Everybody needs to be fired in this administration

Author — KBZ


Btw, it was a light rain - and the Secret Service & Logistics people that manage the President's travel ALWAYS have a rain plan, they plan for absolutely everything that could possibly happen - that's their job. ALL other World Leaders were able to attend with no problem - and so were the representatives 45 sent in his place. It's another lie that he just couldn't go, he just didn't want to.

Author — Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming!


Trump probably doesn't know that if it wasn't for France, the USA would still be a british colony

Author — Samuel Ramphall


This tariff on wine thing is just too much. How can we survive this administration without many, many bottles of wine??



America's First White Trash Family... The Trumps

Author — Corn Pop


Melania and Donald Trump are the same garbage !! They should be out of the White House !!

Author — Georgina Herrera


Melania is exactly like Trump. I use to think otherwise.

Author — Aries phillips


Hopefully now, people will stop being sympathetic to Melania, like she's some victim.
She is not, she knows exactly what she is doing, and is getting paid well for the service.

Author — Drawn


Who drinks American wines in France??? And how Trump, who is teetotal, can compare quality of French and American wines?

Author — Anna Galesz


Trump urging Florida to ignore Military votes, On Veterans Day fits Trump’s true pattern of disrespect for the troops.

Author — ThE DuCk