How To Childproof Your Home Before A Visit From Trump

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How To Childproof Your Home Before A Visit From Trump 4.5

With the NATO summit in Brussels coming up soon, world leaders are making sure there aren't any sharp corners or bottles of bleach within reach.

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I hate when they say the President of the USA is leader of the free world. We all have our own leaders thanks, you can keep yours, he's your fault.

Author — Benedictum Cor eius sacratissimum


Sheesh, even the other leaders are treating Trump like a child suffering mental illness. This isn't funny anymore, this straight-up embarrassing (not to mention worrying).

Author — Cadet Bonespurs Bunkerboy


Canada here, we'll send our navy mooses if you need help dragging him out of office

Author — l jewer


Trump = Orange.
Gold fishes = Orange.
Trump's attention span = Gold fish.

Author — Nisa Adikarige


The only people who call America "The Leader of the Free World" are Americans. In reality America is "Pulling up the Rear in the First World"

Author — MadAboutSaffron Red


A phrase people don't use outside of the US: "Leader of the free world."

Author — M K


I watch these clips every morning from the UK. I love this show!

Author — PhantomKaratOfficial


He is NOT the leader of the free world. No one is following that buffoon.

Author — Duane Donovan


I seriously hate the title "leader of the free world". It's a selfish and self-serving title just like how the English used to be the self-declared gentlemen of the world. USA is not the leader of the free world and Drumpf certainly ain't it. It might be the leader of NATO and the leader of almost every western military alliance but that does not make it the leader of the free world. Some 200 or more countries are technically free to varying degrees and the USA does not represent 99% of them

Author — Eagle 367


Don't you dare put us all together, America alone elected trump, so don't put the blame on the "free world".

Author — James


The fact that leader's have to shorten their talks because of Trump's attention span is yet another example as to why Trump is unfit for office.

Author — DeadlyMargiKarp223


NATO is requesting world leaders to use simple language and compliment Trump on occasion. He will also have an interpreter to translate big wôrds.

Author — Ry Sun


The fact that I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I am more intelligent than a millionaire, makes me feel a little better about myself.

Author — Holy Atheist


Buckle up for Trump first foreign trip... it will be an embarrassment

Author — Jason Blade


Despite its origins of being the name of a Star Wars villain, Kylo is actually a very handsome name for a boy. I like it!

...Oh, and Trump is an idiot.

Author — LadyCeag840


He's 70!! That gives me hope. He could die midway.

Author — BigDickMcGee


Ya that finite energy thing is shockingly stupid. Which is shocking considering the standards.

Author — Nick W


yep, it's official: Trump has made Idiocracy a movie based on actual events.

Author — shiva1008


It's been obvious for a long time that Trump is an idiot, but that nonsense about finite human energy really puts him on another level. It's so absurd and unbelievable that this is THE guy chosen to lead nation of 300.000.000 people, guy with launch codes that can end life on Earth. Am I dreaming all this? I'm a big proponent of democracy, but if democracy can fail so miserably, it really needs some serious modifications. Maybe intelligence test before you vote?

Author — Butch Coolidge


At this point the GOP is just a giant loose sphincter.

Author — Joshua Benson