Pro-Russian Rebels Surround Military Academy: Russian Roulette in Ukraine (Dispatch 35)

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Pro-Russian Rebels Surround Military Academy: Russian Roulette in Ukraine (Dispatch 35) 4.5

On Tuesday morning the Ukrainian government announced it had ordered the halting of flights at Donetsk airport and the closure of the airspace across the region. The airport was almost completely empty, except for a few stranded travelers.

Later in the day, VICE News visited a Ukrainian regional military college where pro-Russia rebels had set up a perimeter surrounding the entrance to the building, blocking the road of any traffic. A Donetsk People's Republic spokesperson said they heard that the Ukrainian ultra-nationalist group Right Sector was going to seize the academy and use it as a base.

In a sign of increased escalation, the militia in Donetsk was well equipped with AK-47s, RPGs, and even anti-tank missile launchers.

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Journalist rule of thumb: say Kalashnikov instead of AK-47, then you'll be at least kind of right.

Author — Leelee


Well the airport sure seems a bit different now...

Author — James Minor


Those are AK-74s.
Say it with me VICE, S-e-v-e-n-t-y F-o-u-r.

Author — Malacovics


that's one hell of a peaceful population they got there

Author — Monsignor


They must've sent the whitest guy on-hand to replace Simon for the sake of the 'don't kidnap Americans' rule.

Author — ComradeWinston


It bugs me so freaking hard when he says "They got AK47's". It's a freaking AK74 variant, in this case the AK74S to be more specific. And yes, it does matter.

Author — Christoffer Eriksson


Lets start a Referendum on the return of Simon !

Author — Fang Yu Ho


none of them were carrying AK-47s.... they were carrying AK-74/AK-74M

Author — cococly


Pro-Russian radicals taking matters into their own hands. The reckless morons don't know what they're doing.

Author — Honky Tonk


Simon was to well known, he got captured by militants after he found and videotaped Russian cossack militia in Ukraine who identified themselves as Russian and showed his ID to the camera. VICE needed to send a new unfamiliar face to continue their journalism with as little resistance from the militants and pro-russian populace.

Author — Wass Hannin


I think Ponomajev was successful in making Simon silent in the time, where his enduring and daring reports have been needed the most. Crimea was quite clear, the first protests in Donetsk, etc. were quite understandable, but now it's the real deal, where the claims and the fights are so large, that it's getting really complicated and necessary for a daring reporter like Simon. No offense to the exchance reporter for his important job, but i miss Simon in this particular moment.

Author — Mardas Man


I mainly watch these vidoes for the US vs Russia fights in the comments 

Author — Will Kummer


This is a message to UA army : blow dat blue truck.

Author — KaB


The ukrainian people that i know say, that most of their friends (part of the well educated ukrainians) are already too afraid to go out on the streets for any kind of protest. That could be the reason for the actual "protests" looking so pro russian. 1. You must be a really narrow minded person, to actually hope for russia to help you with your pitiable life. 2. When you look at the "protesters" in Odessa or anywhere in eastern Ukraine, you see people, that seem to have nothing to lose really. Educated people wont try to argue with gun carrying mobs of people, they rather stay in a safe place. 

Author — Kriechbaum


Anti Kiev would be more correct, as many many of the people interviewed have expressed. Why is it VICE is towing the same tired propaganda line as outlets such as CNN ? And why is one revolution/coup acceptable to VICE and not another ? I mean the first coup had zero basis in legality or democracy whatsoever, and had left the Ukraine with an unelected western endorsed (right away I might add, as if the west had already set this up....oh yeah Victoria Nuland admitted it) "government" which has started cutting deals with the IMF before a single ballot has been cast...the only thing democratic about the whole situation, and the only thing anyone in Ukraine has voted on has been in Crimea. I will not unsub from VICE but I will continue to call out your obvious propaganda films here on youtube, so far the only military attacks have come from Kiev, the government nobody elected and the same one that is comprised of criminal bankers, Svboda Party (look them up) and Right Sector (look them up also). The people in the east have every right to defend themselves and choose their own path, governments are a tool of the people, not the other way around, VICE you should be ashamed.

Author — mariss711


At peace population have guns, RPG, BTR ? Peace population shoot down helicopters? 

Author — nikita_varenya


Why do all of these take overs feel like well planned strategic attacks on the eastern Ukraine administration under the mask of random incidents and provocations?

Author — MrPainseeker


These people must have forgotten how bad it was for them being apart of the Eastern Bloc back before the collapse of the Soviet Union.  

Author — Hakeem Fairweather


The use of force by means of army or aviation would be to take out armed militants, not civilians. I didn't see any civilians in this footage. Arming like that makes militants, not civilians.

Author — Fercurix


"peaceful" with ak47s and rpgs. hahahaha.

Author — helluvaguy