A Critique of Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Part 2

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A Critique of Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Part 2 5

This is Part 2 of 6 of a series of videos all about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

We continue on by getting all of our characters fully introduced and discussed while pushing this wonderful plot along, with bonus tangents to Wall-E, Guardians of the Galaxy, Buffy, Saving Private Ryan and oh! of course, some Star Wars in general.

The Thumbnail art is courtesy of Oliver Pocock

Big thanks to Jay from SinsSins and Logicked for their cameos. Check out their channels if you are interested -

[The complete bibliography will be placed here once it's complete.]

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Table of Contents:

0:00 - Intro
1:05 - The Opening Scene: Poe's Capture
10:09 - On Juggling Conflicting Tones
(21:27 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer: An Unbridled Praise)
27:44 - The Opening Scene: Aftermath
38:44 - Rey's Introduction: The Robot is Better
45:01 - Poe's Interrogation: The First Order Needs Intelligence
47:15 - Rey's Introduction: The Other Robot is Also Better
49:55 - Jay from SinsSins Cameo
52:52 - Rey's Introduction: Character without Development
1:02:36 - Finn and Poe Escape: Love at First Sight
1:19:05 - Kylo and Hux: Revenge of the Clones
1:24:36 - Finn Meets Rey: Rey Beats Finn
1:31:54 - Logicked Cameo
1:34:49 - Finn and Rey Escape: Apolitical Hand-Holding
1:42:21 - Finn and Rey Escape: The Millenium Falcon
2:02:23 - Kylo Ren Tantrum: Threatening or Just Angry?
2:06:22 - The Heroes Argue: BB-8 Approves
2:11:43 - Han Solo Arrives: Solo: A Fanservice
2:17:09 - Outro

(Feedback is appreciated.)
Edit: I misspelled BB-8 as BB8.

Author — Sapheiron


I rather watch this than the actual movie.

Author — This Universe


Rian: "I found Hux's character very funny"
Hux in TFA: *Is hitler*

Author — Louis Greenland


"So Reys parents are no one, unless Kylo is lying"

MauLer saw that shit coming nearly a year before it was revealed.

Author — Ajohnymous


When 900 years old you reach, watch part 3 you still will not

Author — A. Silvermane


The 15 minutes of Rey's intro are honestly the best in the sequel trilogy. Also the only part where I noticed any soundtrack.

Author — Flufferz626


I want to be free of this pain 42:46

Not finished with it yet, but this has been well worth the wait.

Author — E;R


As soon as Finn wasn't a storm trooper, they were back to being emotionless cannon fodder, and their humanity was never even mentioned again.

Author — Ben Haney


Its funny, I never heard Star Wars referred to specifically as a "children's movie, " or, "just a movie made for kids, " until it was used as an excuse for its mediocrity. You never hear, say The Avengers, referred to as a kids movie. And you never see good or great actual children's movies spoken about in this way either. No one ever says The Lion King is "just" a children's movie. Even though that's what it is. Very telling, no?

Author — Ben Haney


"...but this series will more than likely be released throughout the year."

*One Year Later: Still waiting on Part 3*

Author — Vadan Drumist


(Captain A Music starts playing.)

Me: He's coming to save the day
So jump up and shout hooray!
For A!

Author — YowLife


TFA was designed for the audience to go

"oooo i remember that"
wait 3 seconds
"oooo i remember that"
over and over again

Author — Benjamin



“Personally I’m hoping for a ... Palpatine movie”

Oh boy. Then do I have a great surprise for you then bud

Author — JMBAD


Mauler insisting that the third part of his TFA critique "is coming" is like your biological dad telling you and your mom he's going to the store to buy cigarettes.

Author — Aspie Gamer


Funny how People still won't like the Prequels even though they are good World building Movis that explain a lot of Questions but prais TFA for being stale and nonsensicle Movis that just give you more Questions instead of Answers

Author — King Knight is best Knight


Daisy Ridley: "Yes, I can. I speak wookie."

The language is Shyriiwook tho 0.o

This would be like referring to the English language as speaking "American" >.>

Author — Tressk


"We'll get to that"
Me in December 2019: O rly

Author — Ajrocks567


Slowly but surely you're making me realize just how much this movie "misses the marriage for the wedding". It ignores the long-term consequences of its choices and rewatchability solely for the high of its premiere night. It's the movie equivalent of a party.

Author — John Abramo


"These videos will likely be released across the year"
Mate it's nearly *been* a year

Author — Maffise


11:52 Ruin Johnson: "We kind of started with a Monty Python sketch." No, you didn't. Don't insult Monty Python.

Author — Blue G