Inside Assad's battle to defeat I.S. in Syria (2017)

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Inside Assad's battle to defeat I.S. in Syria (2017) 4.5

If Mosul and the battle for Raqqa are dominating the headlines, the Syrian army has its eye on another battlefield.

The key to that is the desert east of Homs that stretches all the way to the Iraqi border. The Syrian army has been focusing its efforts with tank units who are making some astonishing advances.

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Why does this reporter guy have a hard time saying that fighting terror is a good thing? Those people are heroes.

Author — Chnty


glory to brave syrian soldiers! doom on uk and their allies isis and al qaeda!

Author — M R


Disingenuous Channel 4 strikes again. Left to the West the whole of Syria would be like Libya is today. As the Syrians fought Al Qaeda in Aleppo the West and Channel 4 were the biggest protesters.

Author — HO waterbrd


Assad a true defender of the Syrian nation. Supporting the ''rebels'' will turn Syria into another hellhole filled with islamists like Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq etc.

Author — Aro Lari


bless these fellows. They seem so normal and good natured even after all the sneers and smears.
Remember when we finally got to see the "moderate rebels" in Aleppo as they were being bussed out (rather than the webcam propagandists, both claiming they were being shot one-by-one along with the women and children, but it turned out they weren't actually)? That lot looked an awful lot like jihadists.

Author — marshare


western media lied for years and they are war criminals as they have pushed for war and supported the terrorist by propagenda.
channel 4 will possibly pay one day

Author — Free Gypsy


This actually looked a wee bit like actual journalism. Shock, horror, probe.

Author — periurban


bravo syrian army, victory will be yours

Author — first wz chinafirst


Bless every SAA hero for fighting and eliminating terrorism.

Author — Наука Гuy


notice Christian Syrian
Was a wonderful place
turned to ruble for gas and oil
shame on everybody

Author — Jimmy Giannioudis


I am volunteer to fight against every single terrorists organizations.

Author — Harry Jeancharles


"why do you hate them so much?"

Author — rockster710


i am a american who wants syria to have there country back and i want to see all foreign people who do not belong there out of this country i expect to see all foreigners out

Author — jay walker


Syria needs not the world's approval..They will kill all terrorist to the state. That is exactly what every single country would do..Frankly is not for the fact that Syria and Iran were friends the world order would be 100% behind leaving Assad in place while letting the leaders to come be voted in or out..

Author — USAGeorge Pa.


So Assad didn’t torture you and killed you for reporting! I am amazed! Such reports needs to be done more frequently

Author — Themba Sapam


keep up fight your all most theref. VICTORY

Author — sam Siataga


I don't like the Assad regime but they are at least secular and progressive compared to the jihadists.

Author — Miska34


God bless King Assad, Putin, Syrian army and all the country's that are helping The Syrian army.

Author — zonkus culture


Glory and Victory for Syria Long Live The Brave Syrian Army

Author — Beth Aram


Wow, a good Reporting on the syrian army by a British tv station for once

Author — Mads Gismerica