Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis ► Desert Warfare

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Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis ► Desert Warfare 5
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Thanks so much for watching everyone, and I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

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OFP: Resistance was the best of that series. ARMA3 looks better and works better but OFP was so far ahead of anything else at the time.

Author — TheWabbitSeason


I remember the demo for this, my friends computer couldn't render the ground and it was all white. We thought it was snow and looked amazing.

Author — Simpson Moss


Funny thing, this is an arma game now. It's now called (drum roll) Arma Cold War Assault.

Author — Joanna


Having played Arma for over 2 years, looking back at this game you realise how outdated it is. But, it was the best military sim bacxk in those days

Author — Baz H


I need to know if people still active on multiplayer for this game cuz I'm about to buy it from steam

Author — Adika Mussington


NOSTALGIA! Damn I loved this game. The level in which you're lost in the forest blew my mind at the time. Shame Arma and the later Operation flashpoint games could never live up to this legacy.

Author — Louis Mayall


Ah, good old times when I pretended that im sick so I dont have to go to school.

Author — L4BT3C


Good ol Flashpoint so many memories of this game from back in the old days, and Everon is still my number 1 Map to come outta Flaspoint/Arma series. Used to spend hours in the mission editor and make HUGE Battles lol Good Times.

Author — Solid Shepard


Watching this it just has a better overall feel than Arma 3 in my opinion, which is sad.

Author — Haymaker Productions


Ive owned and played OFP since 01 and never played this mod, can you still get it?

Author — Gary Lewis


Whoo More Drake, I would be more then willing to play with you if I could get this :D

Author — bully056


could you upload your file please? I'm sure we'd all love to get it

Author — David Campbell


the way this started with the suprise attack is just perfect and so typical of an ofp experience

Author — 03056932R


This is probably a noob question but I recently started playing this game but i dont know How to play capture the island.
Can anyone help?

Author — afrm2000


more please
Can i buy this somewhere?

Author — Spears211


Damn, i played this game when my laptop was broken. I had ffur mod (can't remember which one), a half life 2 addon adding hl2 weapons and enemies, lots of islands and few other terrorist addons. I had a blast with that level editor lol

Author — Estor


I wanted to play this to but didn't fund all mods i need :(

Author — ZMi00


I actually recall seeing someone had used a mod to make it join in progress capable. I can't recall it's name, but I recall seein it in a video somewhere. Might be worth looking up. And Multi play still works, you just need to go onto Bohemia, and update the game.

Author — BlueDarterz


I may be playing this soon as Arma Cold War Assault using OFP Monitor to find games.

Author — TacShooter


hey bludrake awesome vid! can you give me the list of mods you're using?

Author — plasticman