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Model Rocket Battle 2 | Dude Perfect 5
Launching giant model rockets is our new favorite hobby!

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Comment: Where was Pandas rocket?

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Huge announcements coming next Monday. Any guesses?

Author — Dude Perfect


The only reason Tyler’s didn’t go anywhere is because he was calling a gold rocket silver..

Author — thedopemasterr


Rocket Battle 3:
"We're here in the Dude Perfect missile silo for Rocket Battle #3! The rules are simple. We've placed a target on a floating platform in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Whoever gets the closest to the center of the target wins! 300 bonus points if you can land the rocket upright on the platform! Let's ;)

Author — Marc W


Tyler should of called his rocked the “50 cal”

Author — KingRobbie


North Korea wants to *know your location*

Author — Aidan Maxwell



The media: “It’s happening, the nuclear war is happening...”

Author — Voidxiety


Art design award: Garrett (he even figured out how to make the *engine flame* purple)
Fastest: Coby
Most spectacular explosion: Tyler
Most improved: Cody

Highest launch (grand prize): Cory

Author — IBM do U?


I wait version 3 with real rockets and Elon Musk

Author — Artemiy Vorobĕv


2:19 he should say "self distract sequence in 3, 2, 1! *the rockets get boom*

Author — Joyce Armecin


Part 1: little model rockets
Part 2: Big boi rockets
Part 3: *intercontinental ballistic missiles*

Author — Sticknub


Ty - She’s a flier, and she’s about to fly.
10 seconds later -
Me - Naaa

Author — Eric Jaise


I wish they would stop screaming like a bunch of girls constantly.

Author — Darren M


Cory should have called his the Queen Bee.

Author — Grizzly Bacon


whats great about the AIMER aiM-54 missle was the range was 2.2 miles. i guess the potential made it go higher...

Author — Synbaxviro 007


Am i the only one wondering how high did Garrett get?

Author — _chaos_ fre4k


7:31 looks like ty was using the force lol

Author — mompernl


DP: *Launching missiles*
My grandpa from ww2 watching in the window: "Looks like the germans are back!"

Author — TheMusashi channel


Next up on Dude Perfect: Rocket Battle 3

Promoted by NASA

Author — Christian Bartkiewicz


Is it me or is Cory’s rocket is pretty cool and, where did the nose cone go?

Author — Breezy The ninja


When the Bumblebee V2 rocket looks like an actual V2 rocket

Author — Caleb Bautista