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Model Rocket Battle 2 | Dude Perfect 5

Launching giant model rockets is our new favorite hobby!

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Comment: Where was Pandas rocket?

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Huge announcements coming next Monday. Any guesses?

Author — Dude Perfect


Petition for Dude Perfect to do “Model Rocket Battle 3!”

Author — ItsSpeedyy


8 minutes of grown ups shouting “YEAAAAH”

Author — ChingChongFat Man


Ep 1 Cody fails

Ep 2 ty fails

The two dudes that win the most

Author — Kazmin Lie



Me: puts coffin dance when Tyler’s rocket explodes

Author — Bracelety


Still think Cory’s rocket should have been called ‘The Wasp!’ Rather than bumblebee V2

Author — Lewis crawford


Click like if you want Dude Perfect to do a rocket battle 3.

Author — Anveet Patil


Says sliver rocket 2 that she’s a flyer.

Me: no she’s a ground lighter.

Author — Steve Altman


Ty: she’s about to sore high

Author — Isaac Fontes


Rocket battle 1- Cory almost kills himself with his rocket. Rocket battle 2- Coby Almost kills himself with his rocket.

Author — Holly Scolar


6:15 there's a rainbow behind Garrett and don't even know

Author — 1000 subscribers with 3 videos challenge


"She's a flyer, and she's about to soar."

_into heaven, that is._

Author — Neris Velasquez


This makes rocket battle 1 seem so underwhelming

Author — Jimbo Dimbo


Next video: real rocket battle vs Elon Musk

Author — Joaquim Worren


Bumblebee V2 looks just like the real life counterpart of the German V2 Rocket.

Author — Snazzy Dazzy


This is really cool guys I love your bond keep up the unity and be safe as you continue to have fun indeed.

Author — Positive Youth.


First time: Cody didn’t read the instructions
Seconds time: Ty didn’t read the instructions
If theirs was a no.3 it would probably be coby

Author — Xx We are the Mawds fam xX


Silver bullet 2 : You threw my sister away... Atleast by giving my life I will bring shame upon you...
Silver bullet blasts everybody tease Tyler

Author — Vyas PR Iron man


North Korea wants to *know your location*

Author — Aidan Maxwell


2:23 this is when Ty knew, he made a mistake.

Author — REE Kid