Russian-Ukraine War - REAL TRUTH about CRIMEAN TATARS! (from Crimea, not Kiev or Brussels!)

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Russian-Ukraine War - REAL TRUTH about CRIMEAN TATARS! (from Crimea, not Kiev or Brussels!) 4

ENGLISH SUBTITLES! РУССКИЕ ТИТРЫ! SOTTOTITOLI IN ITALIANO! So anyone who is anyone is playing the Crimean-Tatar card - some "activists" are travelling across Europe talking about the yoke of Russian occupation, Ukranian media and politicians are calling on the West to recognize Crimean Tatar deportation to be a genocide, and even the supposedly apolitical Eurovision became a battleground on the issue.
But all these people are not in Crimea. They are far away. We actually travelled to Crimea to learn the difficult Truth about these ancient and proud people!


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I don't know whether to find it sad or funny that people are trying to dismiss this as "Russian propaganda", even though it's diligently substantiated with easily verifiable truths---both historical and current. I guess everything that contradicts the anti-Russian vitriol of the Western media will be labeled "Russian propaganda".

Author — Stesilaus


"Спасибо". We are tired of the lies of the West

Author — Михаил Михин


What I found very telling was how Ukraine treated the Tartars before the Maidan coup- basically a repressed people & language by Kiev.

However, now Kiev suddenly loves the Tartars XD

Author — comixarma


Putin is a decent man. He would always treat the Ukrainian minority properly in any given Russian-occupied territory. On the other hand, I doubt Ukrainians would reciprocate this. They are still living in 1942. Ukrainians need to realize that Russians are their blood brothers. The enemy are the elite puppet-masters.

Author — Flat Earth Florida


I am from the western nation of New Zealand Unfortunately Nations like the US and EU and even NZ now, would much rather use the people of Crimea to play politics then help the Crimean people or fix issues at home, It seems like most of our leaders just want to play the blame game.

Now I am not much for politics my background is economics, I was a National Rep for the Labour Party, but it just was not my cup of tea to much talking not enough doing. but even in my own NZ my own Government put trading sanctions on Russia totaling $11 billion mainly in food because our center right Government wanted to play big boys with the US. it not my place to comment on the politics of Russia or Ukraine I believe it's best left for the Governments of those nations to work out and the west should stop playing world police. What I do know is people that respect and trade together, work together will prosper and will lead to grater peace. sanctions spreading lies, (looking at you CNN, FOX NEWS) and blaming each other will only hurt the people.

And if you are not there to help the people you should stay out of it simple as that.

A few month ago I published a Open letter Unity not Sanctions well worth a read.

Author — balarama lauder


I have just found this channel and this is awesome, keep up the good work! Respect from Croatia:)

Author — TheKrakovv


Very well done. But I would like to point out that the SS pictures you used was actually that of the SS-Handzar Division, Bosniak volunteers not Crimean Tatars.

Author — Bolshevik Carpetbagger


Keep them coming they are well sourced!

Author — Michael Lacey


Masha'Allah thanks so much more needs to be done God bless all

Author — Mushtaq Ahmad


thank you, its always good to have both sides of the story

Author — Sly Fox Duke


Two thumbs up! Let those war mungers cry themselves to sleep!

Author — Hans Weissman


Once again, excellent job! More amazing is how well and in such a short time frame you're able to help the audience of your followers, who, let's be honest, probably know very little about their own history let alone Russia's, get all caught up. This is very important! The major problem of the US propaganda machine against Russia relies on this weakness that so many people these days have. Education and academia in the US is suffering and I for one firmly believe this is done on purpose to keep people dumb and make it easier to convince them of anything and everything, no matter how big a lie and no matter how foul. Ukraine's another great example of manipulating intellectual weakness, unfortunately. Anyway, great job. Articulated swiftly yet methodically, point-by-point and historically accurate, and yet without the unnecessary droning on that could otherwise have become a boring history lesson that a large portion of the audience would be unwilling to listen to (which too is unfortunate these days). Short and sweet as they say. Kudos! More please.

Author — World GoneMad


I watched this whole video. v Thank you

Author — Turbo Jones


I meet some uranians me I jniw the situation

Author — Giulia Cimini


The Tartars were not deported for collaboration - they were deported as a part of the program by Stalin to mix up the ethnicities of the Soviet Union to eliminate any nationalist ideas. The same happened to literally all the other ethnicities, including Russians. Essentially this granted them a "free pass" to all it's former territories after the Union collapsed. It wasn't deliberate IMO, but using this as a basis to annex democratic countries is wrong.

Author — Tegelikult ei loe enam mitte miski


Majlis is not related to terrorism. But Russia is associated with ISIS. Kremlin liar.

Author — Sergey K


Russia gives minority languages an official status, yet establishes no native-language curriculum (in fact eliminates it in certain ethnic regions), closes native-language news outlets and partakes in espionage and repression of ethnic leaders.

Author — Tegelikult ei loe enam mitte miski


Aloha... I can't help to thank you for the video, very educational. So much that mainstream media will not share with the world.

After watching the video I couldn't help to comment, ask. you mention a weather person in Hawaii saying its going to snow everyday.. Of course I think you are using it as a metaphor

Ok my turn in sharing some information/education. I know the US is meddling in this area of the world. They shouldn't, as they should take care of their own house.

Lets say the US is the weather man and they are saying Hawaii is a day after day after day, Hawaii is a state... WRONG!! its snows in hawaii at time in the winter and Hawaii is not a state, not legally nor according to the US constitution either.

The US is quick to condone what was done in your part of the country when they have broken so many international laws them selves.

Mahalo, Aloha... Hawaii

here are a couple vids you my want to watch.

"The decoded words are read at 19:30 of the video. The words (transcribed by Kp) are below.

Coded telegram is on page 88 of Louis Buzzy Agard’s book, and the decoded telegram, on page 128. The message was decoded by using the Navy secret code book of 1887.

To: Secretary of Navy, Washingdon DC
From: ??
Date: 8-13-1892 [5 months prior to the 1-17-1893 takeover]

According to the President’s instructions, execute his orders as quickly as possible. Proceed at once to Hawaii.

As soon as you arrive there, you are advised to sail along the island chain, fire heavy cannon to threaten and create fear at each island.

Your final destination: the harbor at Honolulu.

A decision has been rendered to support the American legation who plan to set up a provisional government."

Author — MrJamma Jammin


Circassians were the first people to inhabit Crimea before the Slavs and Tatars arrived there. Crimea is a Circassian land, not Slavic or Turkic.

Author — Honor Hatko


This is a good clip. Thanks for your hard work.

Author — Making Good Things Happen!