how to make corner couch u shaped sofa left hand corner sofa modern corner sofa sofa set best model

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how to make corner couch u shaped sofa left hand corner sofa modern corner sofa sofa set best model 5

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Congratulation your video viral 💪🔥🔥🔥🇮🇳🇮🇳💯💯🎉🎉🎉🇮🇳👍👍♥️

Author — ABKN furnitec


If I lived nearby I'd really love to lend him a hand.... Awesome!

Author — Archiano Sohliya


I'm too lazy to make my own. So I'll just buy one for myself.

Author — Susong Totoo News


Amazing, awesome, ❤️ work he can have any sofa he want. Because he make it 👍🏼❤️ really, really nice channel. God bless you🙏🇵🇷

Author — Zeyra Muñoz


If he is near by will send mine 😆 need total change cover n materials what a great handwork

Author — Muhammad rishi Abdul jalil Bin abdullah


Lo vi con toda la paciencia que él tuvo para hacer el sofá🙆‍♀️👏👏👏👏🤝

Author — Ileana Valdez


it's not tutorial, you're just showing how to do a sofa. trying to catch viewer's

Author — Rolito Arpon


Espectacular, sin palabras, con este video se que has motivado a muchas a realizar un proyecto así. Felicidades sigue así. Saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪

Author — Erik Jesus Trejo Quintanilla


I find it a bit boring at first coz i was waiting for some audio instructions but then again i guess the video tells it all.

A simple, affordable and easy to make sofa. I really love this DIY tutorial like this fire up my willingness to build my own. Kudos man.. Hope to see more. 👍

Author — Gervase Prado


parabéns pelo seu trabalho muito lindo.

Author — elisabeth batista caetano


Parabéns ficou excelente, me deu entusiasmo para fazer o meu! Obrigado pelo vídeo.

Author — João Rodrigues


lindo trabajo "cuando amas tu oficio o profesión lo haces con el corazón", me he quedado maravillado, felicidades por compartir

Author — Felix V


Jute fabric hai right sir❤️

Sir aapne bag or bag ke piche ke side alag alag karke q lagaya fabric
Ek me bhi to ho sakta tha

Author — mrluckyboy YT


Hello. I didn't really intend to watch this video but I was completely amazed by the talent of this young man. The attention to detail in his work, the sure help is breathtaking. Of course if I had furniture to make it is to him that I would appeal. I will share the link of this video to the maximum. This gentleman deserves it. I want to congratulate him and thank him for sharing this video with us. Gabriel (France). 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏

Author — Gabriel Niculaita


зря так сделали )
низ должен был быть на ножках
если не на ножках то внизу должны были быть ящики выдвижные
подушки низа слишком широкие непропорцинально
применение только паралона ухудшает конструкцию
там на низ нужно было положить пружины железные а на них настелить мешковину и ватин
потом паралон и обивочная ткань
в таком виде это долго не прослужит

Author — TinTaBraSS777


Bro we're is ur shop we want sofa in Lshape we are constration new house we want to purchase can u give ur details for us

Author — sudhir nicky


Master profesional, exelent job 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽Greetings from Paraguay 🇵🇾

Author — Jose Pajuelo


The dislikes are coming from branded furniture stores lol 😆

Author — BATU LOCO


You know something, todays furniture is expensive rubbish, when you compair it to the 50`s. 60`s and even the 70`s, todays furniture is made from cheap pine, its a very basic frame some foam and some of the thinnest material you can find, the 50s, 60s and 70`s furniture had a good solid frame, either metal springs or webbing and lots of padding, it never went out of shape, and the material they used never wore out, it was like putting carpet on a sofa, they built it to last, as opposed to modern furniture, the material sags it gets so worn it goes shiny and might last a few years, you always find the old furniture for sale, and it just needs a clean, its not made to last these days..

Author — Old Age Teddyboy