Kevin Pearson | I'm In Pain

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Vegas hates me, picture isn't great on some scenes i tried to fix it but vegas wasn't having any of it.
Love Kevin's character development throughout the show, Justin is such an under rated actor. Kevin is my favourite character on the show his funny, loving, supportive but also broken. I think he was always looking for his parents approval and got over shadowed by Randall and still carries the guilt of not being there when his father died. I hope you enjoy the video. Let me know if you would like to see more videos like this.

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excuse me while I go and causally cry. this is so beautifully edited and so well put together, he is the best character in the show and deserves a lot better. the voiceovers and the scene selection where well chosen, definitely tugging on some heartstrings there.

Author — dauntlessobrien


This is sooo beautiful! I can't stop crying! You captured Kevin perfectly. You're so talented and edited him so well! Would love to see more This Is Us videos from you :D please continue to edit him/This Is Us :D

Author — RoyalLover xox


I love Kevin so much . Yes he has done bad things but he isn’t a bad person. I always forget that he is addicted to painkillers too

Author — Kam5