Guy Banned From Twitch For His 'Religion'

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Guy Banned From Twitch For His 'Religion' 5

This guy earned this one.

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Fact: Just because someone has a different religion than you does not mean that you can harass them about it

Author — gimme a subscriber before 2021


I dislike how Optimus doesn't tag the games he plays.

Author — StillBen


As a Muslim.. It's nice to see a community here that is so upbringing and wholesome. Much love to all the Christians, Jews and so on. Hats off for all the respect🙌❤

Author — Lucas Bullz


If he really banned people from his chat for disagreeing with him, then he should have no problem with Twitch banning him for his disagreement with them.

Author — UltimatePiccolo


As Christians, we should be known by our love, not hatred.

Author — Cunnifferous


"Hey Are you christian? Do you believe in Jesus?" "Sir this is McDonalds."

Author — pleb Does Thingz


As someone religious myself, I’d like to just say that being Christian isn’t about hate or being right or wrong. It’s about loving everyone and being faithful to God. Nobody gets to heaven by “being a good person”. It’s not about “converting” people it’s a personal relationship with god. If someone asks about god it’s a Christian’s job to simply introduce them to god. We are just here to introduce willing people to God. Even in my life if no one ever comes to me, if my faith in god is strong, I can go to heaven. This twitch streamer is not what the ideal Christian would be and I’m sorry he is representing my religion in such a poor manner. Have a nice day and thanks for reading this far.

Author — Ultrawave Yt


"Its America"

Wasn't America made for freedom of religion

Author — sad souppp


Idk why people are using the term "as a christian", just in general as a human you should respect each others views on life.

Author — DinoDog1


I was really expecting this comment section to be extremely toxic but it’s actually quite wholesome :)

Author — Seagullson


I have my BA in Ministry and Leadership, working on my Masters in Theology now, and let me tell you preaching to children in video games is not going to help the kingdom of God...

I don't think there is an issue talking about it, debating about it, but you gotta chill man.

Just answering questions, researching, and learning more truth is what is important.

And I am still learning new things every year.

Author — ProtoMario


As a Christian myself... This is upsetting to see.. Yea I understand you wanna share the Christian religion but this is very incorrect way to do this Smh..

Author — Lizwastaken_


We found the male counterpart to the Karen: a Kevin

Author — Matt Langro


Why can't everyone just join the jedi and become peace keepers

Author — Anikan Skywalker


As a muslim dude myself, i understand Christians and i understand that this guy is putting them in a bad light and other Christians shouldn't be judged for it.
I understand because as a heavily religious muslim myself, there are "muslim" that litterally have no braincells and/or try to convert people, like, if u wanna like, see, if someone would be interested in ur religion, they have to be open to talk about it first, and u shouldn't force them to either way, so anyways, god bless those of u who are religious amd have common human sense.

Author — void Saw


These kinds of "Christians" put other Christians in a bad light

Author — Luxray Lloyd


Imagine being a Christian and being hateful to non Christians and trying to force religion on them you can’t say you’re a Christian if you do this (had to edit for someone who was salty I said your instead of you’re)

Author — Idk Idk


This guy is a shame for christians and christianity as a religion, if we could've we'll pillage this man's house.

Author — Takeback the holyland


"YoU DonT HAve tHE saMe REliGIOn as ME. im OfFEndED"



As a Christian who knows a lot of fellow Christians. We aren’t like this, this is just a bad representation of who we are

Author — Shapshap Shapshap