Boris' best moments

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BORIS Johnson will be Britain's next Prime Minister after defeating Jeremy Hunt in a landslide victory to be declared the new Tory leader today.

The incoming PM will have just 100 days to deliver on his do-or-die promise to take Britain out of the EU on October 31 - after winning twice as many votes as his rival…

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Jeremy Hunt told to swallow his pride and accept whatever job he is given by Boris Johnson:

Boris Johnson to unveil domestic policy blitz if he is elected PM to look beyond Brexit:

Carrie Symonds – why Boris Johnson’s lover Carries a lot of emotional baggage:

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“Boris’ best moments”
*rugby tackles a child*

Author — Google User


How Donald Trump travels : *Helicopters guarding him and military with decoys*
How Boris Johnson travels: 2:52

Author — F. B. I


As an American I’ve always wondered what went on over in England. I’m not disappointed.

Author — connor Rodgers


Imagine getting to say “I got Rugby tackled by one of the prime minister of the UK when i was like 12”

Author — Rehan Umar


EU: Threatens to ban memes
UK: Elects meme as Prime Minister

Author — James McKelvey


I don’t like the way he does things politically, but you gotta admit, he’s a funny dude. Politicians are people too XD.

Author — L -


50% of comments: I don't like his politics but I hope he gets better

Author — extreme WHHABISALAFI


This absolute *unit* rugby tackled a child


Author — Pulsonax


Imagine if this man was a prime minster


Author — noah


a lil bit uneasy why this has been recommended due to him recently being admitted to Get well Boris please

Author — Jupiter Raining


“Boris Johnson best moments”
Thumbnail is him rugby tackling a child

Author — Big Fraz


"Supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies."
One of the most high-brow insults I've ever heard.

Author — JayGee


*Boris Johnson isn’t a clown he’s the whole circus*

Author — Jayden


The model bus thing just sounds like something he made up on the spot

Author — Aidan C


"What do you do to calm down"
"I build models of buses"

Author — Noah


If these are his best moments ...

I wouldn’t want to see his worst.

Author — darkexho


1:15 When you didn’t see that job interview question coming

Author — Hajal Ali


The people that don’t ever like any vids are the people that argue with the ‘labour bench animal thingy’

Author — Masnun Chowdhury


I am dissapointed they didn't put when he offered tea outside of his home.

Author — Radian


Me: Teacher can I go to the toilet?

Teacher: no

5 mins later

Another student: teacher can I go to the toilet?

Teacher: Yes

Me: 0:41

Author — XB FORCE