Can Cruise Lines Recover From Coronavirus?

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Can Cruise Lines Recover From Coronavirus? 4.5

The COVID-19 outbreak has laid waste to entire sectors of the global economy, but none faster than the cruise business. The pandemic has basically shut it down with the three largest publicly traded cruise companies suspending some, if not all, of their operations. Carnival, the world's largest cruise line, has been at the heart of the industry's struggle.

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Can Cruise-Ship Companies Recover From Coronavirus?

💬 Comments on the video

Go get the bailout from the country whose flag you're flying.

Author — W Cooman


America can definitely move forward without a cruise industry that doesn’t even pay any U.S. taxes

Author — Taurus. 555


Cruise Lines: We ain't paying your taxes U.S.


🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 GFY!!!

Author — The Watcher


I dont feel sorry for them, they all incorporated over seas to avoid US taxes, they shouldnt get a dime of US money

Author — Gregc247


Cruise lines do insane damage to the environment, let them die.

Author — The Yee Conspiracy Turtle Eggs


Why should we bail out cruise lines when they go to other countries to not pay taxes. Don’t listen to politicians. The stimulus is not government money, it’s our money.

Author — David


Cruise Lines : "help us!"

Uncle Sam: *counting his money* "Oh I'm sorry. Did I stutter when I asked you to pay taxes before???"

Author — MrJlo1017


Lol. Legal “Tax evasion” practices coming back to bite their asses. I mean it’s sad that employees have to suffer, but these businesses have exploited the system for their benefit and at the expense of their employees.

Author — Allan Ray


Elon Musk: well, well, well, old gas-powered ships are out of business, it's time to introduce Tesla Amphibian.

Author — Max Jacobi


The question should be: “Should they recover? “. Norovirus, measles, ... is a litany of DESIGN FAILURES. These ships are poorly designed for robustness in general. Remember the one that had a small fire and all the toilets shut down? The air conditioning system seems to act as a virus transmission system. The crew of the ships with active epidemics on board still eat together in cafeterias. The operating protocols do not have sufficient training for crew. The industry needs a whole new redesign. In addition, the poor environmental record of these companies should be kept in mind.

Author — Gustav Derkits


They want a bail out from the US. They are registered in other countries to avoid paying US taxes. Let them go under.

Author — fuldk


The thought of being on a cruise is frightening actually....

Author — Dontyu worrie


Went on my first cruise in 2019, can't wait to get back whenever we get pass all this stuff. I don't think taxpayers should have to pay for a bailout since they aren't based in USA.

Author — sportsMike87


Cruise ships are the most disgusting things even before CV19. These ships are registered in places like Panama, let them go back to their home ports and beg those governments for assistance,

Author — BigBollocks


If I it dies... than it’s supposed to die. Cruise lines are trash.

Author — Jay


corporate media gotta love it, care more about corporations than people.

Author — Ginseng Pills


they're one of the most polluting industries on earth. Good riddance.

Author — weatheranddarkness


I wouldn’t take a cruise for at east 6 more months.

Author — Preinstalled User


If my car breaks down I don't get to expect AAA to come tow me If I'm not a member, thats how life works cruise lines....

Author — Scott P.


They should meet certain environmental, tax and ethical requirements before being handed bailout money. IMO

Author — LadiesMan 217