AGENTS of MAYHEM - 'Who You Gonna Call” Launch Trailer | PS4

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AGENTS of MAYHEM - 'Who You Gonna Call” Launch Trailer | PS4 4
Who you gonna call when things hit the fan? It’s the AGENTS of MAYHEM, an interchangeable squad of 12 anti-heroic agents, taking down villainous LEGION in an open-world of Seoul, Korea.

Rated Mature: Blood, Drug Reference, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Violence

© 2017 and published by Deep Silver, a division of Koch Media, Austria. Developed by Deep Silver Volition. Agents of Mayhem, Deep Silver and their respective logos are trademarks of Koch Media GmbH. All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

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A demo would help this game a lot, I think this is gunna fly under everyone's radar honestly.

Author — Mondo Zappa


I'll wait for a discount. Wouldn't mind a SR2 remaster though.

Author — dsturbd15


12 Agents

One Massive World

Zero Co-op.


Author — Black Superman


This game is more crackdown then crackdown 3

Author — Darenn Freitas


It looks like a multiplayer game without the multiplayer

Author — GamingNinja


Looks like a very fun game, but it seems like a lot of people don't seem interested and just want another Saints Row, I don't blame them but I still give them props for this game, looks amazing

Author — Lando


"from the makers of saints row...a game that isn't saints row"

You're right, but it does look like they ripped off their own game.

Author — TheyCallMeGerbin


Evil Con Carne meets Saints Row! I love it!

Author — irkenus


It annoys me that most showed-off character is Johnny Gat, while he is a proder/dlc character.

Author — Harry yolo


If this had multiplayer, i wouldve bought this day one. But im just gonna wait for a sale instead

Author — A2


I didn't even know the game was out until this trailer. This game is going to flop so much with their zero advertising lol.

Author — Coldboy33


I kinda wish they would allow you to build your own hero.

Author — SuperArppis


I like how people are not gonna get it just because it doesn't have co-op like every other game out there, I mean I'm sure it would be a ton of fun with co-op but its also nice to have a fun action packed single player experience once and a while

Author — KXA Prime


12 characters!....teams of 3!....No co-op?....what a waste of a game

Author — Kazuya Mishima


Who you gonna call?
Protection from Mayhem.

Author — vinak


Give it time this game be on sale 10$ like rest of there franchise

Author — The King


Looks like they out crackdowned crackdown 3! Lmao 😂

Author — isaiah reynolds


Don't be fooled by seeing Johnny Gat on this trailer, he is only a filthy pre-order bonus. (and maybe a greedy DLC in the future)

Author — Speedy Von Gofast


Not sure I like the idea of characters switching on the fly. I can understand why they would do that for convenience. If I was a mutant who can morph into different people that would be one thing, but having it be done in this context makes no sense to me.

Why not utilize a cool animation where when a character is summoned, he arrives in his own unique way while the other character rides off. Kind of like a tag team approach or maybe a hub where the player can go to to switch out.

Author — Fonz


Sorry, I'm calling Uncharted The Lost Legacy instead.

Author — Turan X