Planespotting Amsterdam | STORM Close-Up CROSSWIND Landings, Engine almost HIT RUNWAY, GoArounds

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I was in Amsterdam during the storm in August. It was a crazy weather: Strong rain, hard wind, but also sometimes blue sky or darkest clouds. You will find crazy landings but also great pilot skills regarding crosswind landings.

I hope you enjoy the video. What's your favorite landing? I couldn't decide...

- Lieblings Flugzeug / favourite plane: Airbus: A340-600
- Lieblings Fluggesellschaft / favourite airline: Lufthansa + Air Namibia
- Lieblings Flughafen / favourite airport: Frankfurt Airport

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Sorry that the Audio is not the best! I tried my best. Enjoy the weekend!

Author — FRAproductions


A330 Aeroflot at 10:06 buttered the bread

Author — TomTom25


12:21 you can see the pilots shaking in the cockpit



6:00 Legend has it, that to this day, United 968's nosewheel has still yet to touch the sweet earth.

Author — h8GWBî


3:50 this is a military aircraft that destroys enemy ground troops

Author — A 8


3:49 beautiful plane. Really the best catch here. So majestic. Very nice. But the livery doesn’t speak to me.

Wow thanks for all the likes the most I have had before was 1😂

Edit 2: wow thank you for all The likes (heart emoji) and again, i think The company should redd The Livery maybe ad a bit more colors, its funny because IT looks like a bird, if i was you i wouldnt make my fleet look like birds, ...

Edit 3 i also didnt know that dead mouse was The new jet fuel..

Author — POTATO


1:55 That almost looks like a flight simulator with extremely high graphics :P

Author — The Slice Factor


5:40 it says “The Flying Dutchman” on the tail section. Well played KLM. Well played.

Author — Jack the Skittle


19:38 Amazing Landing ! That captain must be living in Amsterdam

Author — Muammarovic


I like how the KLM plane is literally called "The Flying Dutchman" xD

Author — Orbital Potato


Planespotter: "How strong was the crosswind?"
Pilot: "Yes."

Author — Dalibor Zak


13:35 that must be the smoothest landing ever

Author — AfGun0111


One of the most satisfying aviation videos I've ever seen. Great takes!

Author — Solcar Zemog


3:48 the bird has it`s meal :-) <3 spotting and eating... checked ! <3

Author — Christian Haselwanter- Grasl


10:18 damn, Aeroflot still has the hammer and sickle in their little wings logo

Author — MarioPalma 5647


Man. That KLM cargo came close to scraping those GE’s

Author — Wolter Haverhals


17:28 wait thats an A319... It just has two emergency exits because of capacity

Author — Kleeblättchen


Y’all are missing the real bird, the pelican looking thingy around 3:00

Author — Aaron Cramp


One is reminded of Fisher's Law: the airplane makes the takeoff, but the pilot makes the landing.

Author — Dr Moriarty


Great did all these huge heavies get beat the death in landing, and then here comes a little Airbus A220 looking like it’s landing in calm winds lol. Did anyone else notice that? Was that just luck of the draw that landing?

Author — James Powles