Reality of Citizenship Bill (CAA) | Opinion by Dhruv Rathee

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Reality of Citizenship Bill (CAA) | Opinion by Dhruv Rathee 4.5

In both the Lok sabha and Rajya sabha, the citizenship amendment bill 2019 was cleared recently. This bill creates new regulations regarding refugees and illegal immigrants, who will get their citizenship if they belong to certain religions. While other religions have been ignored in this bill. Additionally, this has been opposed in Assam and many other north eastern states because it puts their states under stress and threatens their indigenous and tribal people.

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2:11 Minorities in Bangladesh, Pakistan 
3:36 Logic of 50+ Islamic countries 
4:29 Reality of Hindu Rashtra 
6:16 Assam and North Eastern Rights 
7:43 Threat to National Security
8:46 Real Reasons behind CAB

Author — Dhruv Rathee


जिसको इस्लामिक राष्ट्र चहिये वो पाकिस्तान जाय, जिसको हिन्दू राष्ट्र जाईये वो कैलाश जाय, , , जिसे साथ मिलकर रहना है वे, ,बे भारत में रहे, , जय हिंद🙏🙏

Author — Krish Kunjam


You said clearly 31st December 2014 in the starting of the video, then you went on to say people will come, as in free ki citizenship mil rhi h chalo... Terrorist ek affidavit le kar aayenge aur desh ke liye khatra banenge...

2nd if you allow muslims in the bill, then whole of Pakistan can come to India asking for citizenship... Please please please reply these concerns and pin it for slow learners like me....

Author — Sourav Shaw


इन्होंने श्री लंका मे रहने वाले हिंदू के लिए नागरिकता बिल नही बनाया क्योंकि भाजपा को केरल और तमिलनाडु के लोग वोट नही देते हैं

Author — Naseemtiger Naseemup41


Read what Ambedkar ji had views in Muslims. Readand then tell.

Author — Ayush Nanda


Mr. Dhruv Rather you said that our freedom fighters rejected the idea that Hindu-Muslim can't live together and said we can live together 11:25 but do you know that in 1946 election 96% of Muslim voted for Muslim league and only 4% Muslim voted for Indian National Congree. Jinnah himself fought election from Byculla seat of Mumbai and won election even though Mumbai was not going to be the part of Pakistan.

Why almost all the Muslims voted for Muslim league if Hindu-Muslim could live together.

Author — Indrajeet Kumar


The real question is 'Kya humare boat main vakahi jagha hai, ya hum khud he doob rahe hain ?'

Author — Ur IndianConsumer


You should be politically neutral while explaining a specific thing . You shouldn't be politically driven .

Author — Kritee S Bisht


Bill padha re tune....
31 December 2014 se pehle jo aaye he unki baat he, log kaise Indian citizenship lene baad me koi aayenge??



Or kitna secular ho 15 crore muslims reh toh rahe h hindustan me

Author — surya pratap singh


"hell is empty and all devils are here" -william Shakespeare

Author — Maherukh Ajmal


"Hipocrasy ki V seema hoti hai..."

Author — Kartik Saha



Author — Mr.Red_X Gamming


04:43 Baat kre Qatar, UAE ki, inki one of the highest GDP per capita hai! Saudi Arabia and Israel are also not poor! England is a developed nation! And these all countries have a state religion

Author — Garv Malara


Obviously dono ko bachaunga lekin muslaman agar india ka hai to apne ghar leke aaunga or pakistan ka hai to usko uske ghar chorke aaunga.

Author — Nishant Pandey


I just want to say what I have understood after watching channels like these. It's not good to have one sided opinions. We should research ourselves before believing anyone. Remember people who have the power to influence can use it in a wrong way. Whether it's about CAA, Modi or anything else, it's better to hear facts from multiple sources. There are people who just work for money. So, it's imperative that we ourselves go through the primary source and form our opinion.

Author — Shubhangi Singh


Anyone of you know about Ghazwa-E-Hind Hadith/Hadiz no 3177?? Learn about this then...!!

Author — Mrityunjay Sharma


Why Hindu Muslim .India have lot of religion
Intention of secularism is good but implementation not good

Author — Regin G


But it seems jinnah was right
According to this law

Author — M J


Long live Science Technology Long live humanity 😭

Author — Foolish Donkey Loser