That Guy Who Says 'Yew' Too Much

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 months ago

There's one in every group, you know who you are!


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Next in the series: That guy with the Bluetooth speaker.

Author — BCpov


This one hits a little too close to home 😂

Author — Trail Trekker


This shit is so funny, Yew! is like a damn mating call at the bike park. 😂

Author — Shredder Bob


If you disliked this video.. you are only mad because you know it’s YEWWWW

Author — Andrew


Hahahaha this was hilarious! I get complaints that I say "Oh Sh*t" too much 🤣 good edit Bobo 🤘🤘🤘

Author — Tommy Huynh t_wrex_mtb


That would be me. If I had any friends to ride Now I just say it to myself whenever things get rad.
*Things get rad A LOT*

Author — Zi9makin6


Bobo's writing has really improved over the years. The script for this video is lit! 🤣

Author — miomafia93


The guy who yells “drappin” every 5 seconds 🤡

Author — mazda1988fc3s


Mötley Crüe? More like Mötley Yüeeee! I totally am the "Yew Guy" and wear it proud! YEWWW! haha.

Also I love the idea of you and your buddies filming a cup going into a trashcan for 10 minutes with like multiple takes, angles, attempts for the perfect bounce, etc. I dunno why but it makes me giggle and assuming you guys had a blast doing it! =D

Author — putzinator


SkillsWithPhil, one of the most talented riders on YouTube though.

Author — J W J


I just added this phrase to my vocabulary after riding with some groms all day, now I feel attacked

Author — Andrew Gehn


Bobo: hun, we are going out for dinner
MsBobo: OMG thats great I real...
“looks at Bobo in full costume”

Author — microMobilidade


Hahahahahahaha. Dude I could totally relate to that guy. I am always editing out my Yeeews!! Always fun videos brother !!!

Author — The Segment


I am definitely guilty of this, hahahahaha!

Author — Nunal Sa Paa


Dude! This video is money! from swatting that kids ball and getting decked at the end was on point! And your camera work is amazing! Keep it up man. 🤘 now you need to do one on guys that say, "droppin" and "send it". Haha yeeew!

Author — BeerBikes AndBourbon


As long it it comes from the soul and is a genuine expression of stoke can we really be mad?

Author — Kevin Nee


As a guy who once broke his ankle while climbing after a few beers, I'm intrigued by this bar/climbing gym you have here.

Author — Kevin Donahue


Oh man I can’t stop laughing! The BEST non-MTBing MTB video Ever! Sadly I am also a Yewer! 😆

Author — Biking Bad


I asked my friends and I guess I say “oh shit I almost died” too much, I’m now rethinking my entire life lol

Author — Coconutboy


This guy is the vibes I'm looking for lol

Author — Jack Albrecht