20 Must know AutoCAD Shortcuts & Commands! AutoCAD Tips & Tricks

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Brandon here back with another new video!

In this weeks video we are learning 20 shortcuts and commands in autocad that everyone should know and memorize to work efficiently.

I've mentioned it in the past but being efficient and productive in AutoCAD takes practice and repetition. By learning and memorizing as many shortcuts and commands as possible, it allows us to not have to think about how the software works and instead focus on the design we are looking to create.

Master these super simple tricks to Save Time in AutoCAD. Draft faster and Smarter!

Oh and let me know what autocad tip, trick or tutorial you'd like to see in the next one down below!

Cheers and thanks for watching

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One of the commands I use that is popular is "Break" which is more of a precise "trim"...you click and drag to delete part of a polyline. Then use extend to recreate the broken line. This techique is great for working with curved subdivisions.

Another is "-purge" ...(minus purge) and then while the command is active "RegApps" to delete any extra Registered Applications brought over from another program such as Carlson. Makes the drawing less in size and good to do prior to E-transmiting files. (Do this before or after the purge command if you want)

I Needed a refresher course...havn't had CAD in front of me for about a month and now I feel ready again. Just like riding a bike...

Author — Devin B


Great video! Love all of your cad videos. I edit my acad.pgp file to add a lot of the common commands as shortcuts that I can type with my left hand. For example; Offset = ff, Insert = rt, Match Properties = ee I have a list of about 15 - 20 commands that are all done with 1 or 2 keystrokes using my left hand so I don't have to look away from the working area of the screen. This is how I was trained waaay back when.... The only issue is that when I go to help someone on their computer I have to really stop and think about the commands & what they have to type in. LOL.

Author — Kay Bee


Brandon, I like the videos. If this helps anyone, most key commands are available in the acad.pgp file (also editable). Also, I'm curious to know if you are familiar with the whipthread command? Can this allow all cores to work together for faster processing?

Author — Romester R


These sound basic and easy, but I'm gonna be using them😅😅 very practical, thanks a lot

Author — Yohannes Ayele


when you paste using WindowKey+V you can activate the Multiple Paste function in windows.
This allows you to copy multiple items and form a list and when you use WindowKey+V you can select which item from the copied list you want to paste. The list keeps the 24 most recently copied things.

Author — James Brent


I have a 5 button Logitech mouse (M705). Two of the buttons on the left are programed, one osnap (F3) and one for ortho (F8). Also on the left side of my keyboard I have the following:
ZZ=zoom e

Author — Live Your Life


LIST : Displays property data for selected objects.
AIM: For multileader
TORIENT: Rotates text, mtext, attribute definitions, and blocks with attributes for readability. Better than RO in some conditions.

Author — Allen_Zhang


‘Join’ - converts lines to poly’s and connects them
‘Align’ - rotate (& scales) objects to defined locations
‘Close all’ ‘Close all other’ ‘Save All’ - very handy
Ctrl + Shift + V - pastes your clipboard and makes it a block

Author — Johnny Five


Thanks. I added a few to my handouts. Also, I like Z-<enter><Enter> for Zoom Realtime, to very slowly and precisely Zoom in or out.

Author — Paul Burgener


I don't know if this will work for everyone, in my Civil 3D I can just type 'ZE <enter>' for zoom extents, opposed to Z <Enter> E <Enter>. MO <enter> opens Properties window. This next one is a Windows short cut, it's great of creating quick snippets to email a co-worker or client something off your screen. "Shift+ Windows Key+S" enters a snippet command in Windows anything you sweep over is copied to your clipboard for a control Paste into an email/chat.

Author — K Chud


Hey I got a autocad question. When working on multiple projects consistently I tend to use the same created icons I made for each drawing I do. These icons are setup as blocks aswell. When starting a new project I find I am consistently having to rescale the icon to be seen. I type in UN shortcut and have every project set to architectural and inches. Even copying the icon from one document and pasting to another I will need to tweak to make it look right. Is there something I’m missing in settings possibly?

Author — Luke Emory


The command, MOCORO, is really good if you need to Move Copy and Rotate objects.

Author — Josh


i like your videos but i have a problem when printing the layout the block is not showing right in the pdf file... if i have a rectanglar block it appeared as an irregular shape i dont know why that happens

Author — hams sadek


I find using the space bar instead of enter is quicker

Author — Tom Morris


you can save yourself half a second times a million if you just type ZE enter, instead of Z enter E enter... this also works for ZW

Author — James Brent


Sir, What music is used for the intro, I have permission to use it.

Author — Zaky Abrallian Adam


Great video, thank you! Only one thing, and sadly, i would have avoided a lot of frustration, I "listened" to your video while at work, and became super frustrated because your suggestions - "CTRL -N-2" did not work!! But then I watched !! DUH.. Maybe say "PLUS".. lol

Author — Dav U


I like to customize commands in .pgp file

Author — jaychazus


AutoCAD Fundamentals & Workflows Course: cadintentions.com/friday
My Favorite Mouse for CAD: cadintentions.com/mouse
My Favorite Keyboard for CAD: cadintentions.com/keyboard
My Favorite Laptop for CAD: cadintentions.com/laptop
AutoCAD Templates/Titleblocks: cadintentions.com/tbdl

Author — CAD Intentions w/Brandon


Ctrl c and ctrl v also a quick copy paste of the object to another drawing...

Author — enrıque lanas