White People Unnecessarily Calling the Cops on Black People | The Daily Show

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White People Unnecessarily Calling the Cops on Black People | The Daily Show 4.5

From Starbucks to the golf course to dollar stores, White people are unnecessarily calling the cops on Black people. Here’s a look back at our coverage. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DulceSloan

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Racism isn't getting worse its getting filmed

Author — M3


"Is he wearing a wedding ring?"


*Ability Unlocked: Teleportation*

Author — Ya Dun Goof'd


"The police feared she was reaching for a weapon."
Because a pregnant lady with her child in her arms is going to attempt to grab a gun and get into a firefight with the police, with her child still in her arms and another in her belly. Two grown men who are trained police officers who are afraid of a pregnant lady holding her child are not fit to be in uniform. Like, you literally can't be in a less threatening/more vulnerable position than this woman.

Author — Intactbjörn


Someone: “a known rapist is following me, please come help!”
Police: “sorry, we can’t do anything until he does something”
Someone else: “a black guy is sitting in his car doing nothing!”

Edit: I see some people saying "not all cops are like that". It's true, but I'm talking for experience. Police always say that they can't do anything unless the culprit actually does a criminal act. My cousin has been victim of rape for years, by the same rapist. After the rape he only went to jail for 6 months and after getting out he would rape again. All this for 6 years. She called the police multiple times saying that the rapist was stalking her, standing in front of her window at night. But the police always said that unless he raped, they wouldn't even send a police car to guard the neighborhood. But if someone says that there is a guy smoking weed or some shit like in this video, they move. That is not "protecting", that is just "waiting for a quick buck".

Author — Namon. Ster


Guys why can’t we all be like a panda.
It’s black
It’s white
It’s Asian

Author — KANDAKUMAR HITESH - Student


Why won’t the police just arrest the caller for wasting their time

Author — KND Video


Racism isn't just the only issue, it's also the police power tripping.

Author — Ayan Marquez


It’s funny to me how our system works.
A woman: “a strange man has been stalking me”.
Police: “Unless he threatens you there’s nothing we can do”

Another woman: “There’s black men sitting in Starbucks”.
Police: “I’m on my way! Stay calm!”

Author — Sha’rya George


US:( abolish slavery)
Black people : we are equal now?
US: yes but no

Author — António Wang


Funny that americans don't realise that the whole world is laughing at them. This country is more ridiculous then north korea...

Author — EUKALYPTiiKZ M.


funny how prank callers are getting arrested but false emergency callers are not

Author — The Odd Dood


“Hello 911 please I’m in danger there’s a racist person shouting at a black woman and her child for no reason at all, it’s really scary”

Author — Arushi Brahma


Looks like Karen syndrome is spreading like wild fire in the US

Author — Mega oof bros


I just cant do this anymore. I was almost crying when i heard that police officers were pointing guns on a pregnant women with kids. Just imagine how she must have felt in that moment. I knew humanity is f$%&$§ up but this, this is just so sad.

Author — Ka_ masterX


Bruh there's 22k dislikes, now we know how many karens and kevins watching this.

Author — Zero Reverse


In many countries, calling the police for no OBJECTIVE reason is illegal and punishable, usually by a hefty fine the first time, and in obvious cases by imprisonment if repeated.

Author — MR intel


I love that guy talking about it-

Author — • Lion •


if black people were compensated every time the cops were wrongly called we'd be some rich people

Author — Latrell Highsmith


as an european I am only saying: This is america…

Author — HaHaHatschi


I can't imagine living in a country where this happens. Good people in America must be ashamed and feeling hopeless. I hope it's not too late for America to save itself.

Author — Jenn D