Yamaha Jet Boat Scupper valve sinking risk

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There have been multiple documented sinkings of Yamaha jet boats when the scupper valve snaps at the ring. This leave a 1.5" hole in your boat.

On my 2005 SX230 when I replaced it, it snapped right off in my hand. My 2016 242X is still solid...so I'll hold off for now, but its only a matter of time. If my back wasn't twisted, I'd just do it now as I have the part in hand!.

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We're having lousy weather here so this tip/inspection will be a nice fix for my 'no boating blues this weekend'. Thanks!

Author — Hawaii Jetboat & Drone Adventures


Thanks Julian! I replaced it on my 2007, but didn't think I'd have to on my 2017. Guess I'll be prepared here in a couple years. Hard to believe they still come in plastic...

Author — Todd Watkins


What silicone did you use for your thru-hull tranducer cable? I wanna do the same but not sure what silicone or adhesive I need.

Author — lionel galvan