Berlin is Becoming a Sponge City

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Berlin is Becoming a Sponge City 5

Berlin is becoming a "Sponge City" designed to tackle two issues - heat and flooding - by imitating nature.

Video by Gloria Kurnik


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One of the GREENEST cities in Europe, it's absolutely incredible and the air quality is just amazing, especially compared to Paris or New York. Can't be berlin, cheap food, cheap real estate.

Автор — The Modern Investor


This is an excellent example of the intelligent application of city planning. I wish more cities would consider this.

Автор — AdamCShaffer


sounds like it should be renamed a "common sense city"

Автор — PipeGameWeak


Meanwhile the US is trying to return to using coal and other ancestral resources.



This is just a really complicated way to get rid of sewers so we never have to deal with Pennywise the clown again

Автор — T.J. Corcoran


We have to work with nature not against it. Its that easy. Otherwise it wont work for a long time.

Автор — cuddler


gotta love the germans
This is the kind of environmentalism I support. Not the kind the touchy feely tree-hugging type environmental attitude, but an engineer's attitude.

Автор — thruthewormhole


Clickbait i saw a whole lotta of city but ZERO sponges in this video

Автор — Bobs UrUncle


I'm a high rise window cleaner and we love cleaning buildings that have vegetation growing on their roofs. It's so much cooler up there.
There are way to many black rubber or asphalt roofs. They are hot as hell!
But many building management companies are switching to the white roofs which are better but blind your eyes if you don't wear glasses up there.

Автор — Grant


topic: german capital doing something good for the environment

Автор — Easily Distracted


Germany... you're doing amazing sweetie.

Автор — Mert Aygün


Side effects are:
- no need for air condition = safes money and electric energy = enough capacities to power other electric consumers like trains and stoves.
- cleaner air, less waste gases from power plants
The city of Berlin once had a nick name like "Electropolis".

Автор — Björn Mundt


I never heard of this concept but I think it is a great idea. Most cities I've been to in Germany are trying to incoporate more green into the city. I thought it was for air quality but I did not think about that. It's a great idea.
But scrolling through the comments, I can only shake my head. First of all, how do you get from an enviornmental video to refugees, and secondly have any of you been to Germany? I study in a larger city but I live out in the countryside. Yes, you can sometimes see more non-ethnical northern Europeans in the cities since the refugee crisis BUT it is not the way you guys are trying to paint it. The majority of people is still German or at least looks like the stereotypical northern European person. I also do not feel less save in the evening than before. I don't deny the reports that some refugees cannot or do not want to integrate themselves but only a tiny fraction of them are potentially harmful. The rest of them are people like you and I. And show me one country or society without jerks and idiots who left their brain behind in their mother's womb?

Автор — MissDatherinePierce


How long until the Wall Street Journal reports on this with the headline "Germans Stealing Rainwater!"

Автор — randomcommenter550


Zie Germans are once again doing cool stuff.

Автор — MR SLAV


The video is about ecology and architectural solutions. Why are the comments full of racist screeching?

Автор — Stuart Paul


Cities worldwide should learn from Berlin.

Автор — Andy Vega


Lots of people here sharing their ignorance rather than learning. Disappointing really.

Автор — calvinjones


This was the original Bauhaus idea... nothing too new. Just a hundred years old but the ideals of the Bauhaus style were cast aside and the more useful aspects were abused to optimize the economic value of structures.

Автор — auroraflash


I visited Berlin last year. I found the surprisingly green and it didn’t feel like a big city, more like a lot of connected villages. I really liked the city and I will visit again

Автор — jesper