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Welcome Back To All Of My Cool Cats! 🐾

Thank you for joining me on this amazing Wednesday morning! Today you get to follow the animal hospital on another super fun day at the clinic. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, and if you would like to see more, please make sure to give it a like!

Let me know if you enjoy this kind of videos as well as any ideas below!



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I really wanna be a vet tech and vids like these just reinforce that idea ❤️

Author — Moss Patch


I’m 13 yrs old rn n I wanna be a veterinarian when I grow up .So I will come back when I become a vet (i hope)to this video
I have been rescuing animals since 2017 and still

(wish me luck)
edit1:I’m 14 now lol
edit2: man why do I feel like my dreams are getting crashed

Author — myat noe


If she was a dog she would be a husky🙆🏻‍♀️🤙🏻😬

Author — Tobiah Benavides


These videos are so helpful! I’m going back to school next year to get an associates degree to be a vet tech & I currently work at a dog daycare/ boarding facility to gain some experience w animals. These videos make me eager to go into this field 😀 keep up the great content 👏🏼

Author — Amandah Lesko


Wow, those eyes! Reminds me of a husky! 😁

Author — Jay Bisser


What college classes and degrees you have to get to be a vet tech

Author — YktvMoni


The animal hospital instagram is SO GOOD !! I have learned a lot from it!

Author — Lexi Smarko


How can she just draw blood without wearing some gloves?

Author — Kawaiiicat


I'm going to try to become a vet tech! I love animals, especially exotics like lizards! I even have my own bearded dragon!
My mom is becoming a nurse practitioner, and I'll go on my way towards animal care! They are just as much patients who deserve the utmost care and love as humans do! Thanks and God bless for this video!

Author — Brie Summers


Lord girl, these videos make me so happy to be working with animals. Everything you post is fantastic!!

Author — Michele Bundy


I want to become a vet tech! I currently am front desk at a pet spa/boarding place so I’m hoping the experience with handling animals will help me get closer to becoming a vet tech and working at a vet!

Author — Angela


You were definitely a wolf in a past life sis ✨

Author — HerrComplexx


You look just like a husky I love huskies 😩💕

Author — iAmShalynn


This is what I want to be when I grow up.

Author — Rosy


Actually I'm a Colombian student, I would like to go to visit that clinic, I have been learning to much, thanks for share your knowledge and experience with us!!

Author — Jordan Peña


Me: I wanna be a vet!
Also me: Faints at the sight of blood

Author — Crazy Ongobongos


I love your videos! I just moved to Florida from Italy and am considering pursuing my child dream and start vet tech school this year. Watching your videos was really helpful!

Author — Ilaria


I am going to be a vet tech after I finish high school :)

Author — kill yourself


*Pepares a fecal sample sans gloves.

The EMT in me is like, 🤣🤣🤣

Author — BigMacBraaap


Your eyes are beautiful btw!! Reminds me of stormy weather🌫😍

Author — Alianna