The Top 10 Most Beautiful Churches in the World

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The Top 10 Most Beautiful Churches in the World 4.5

The Top 10 Most Beautiful Churches in the World
1. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow, Russia
2. Duomo Di Milano, Italy
3. Borgund Stave Church, Norway
4. Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia
5. Sacré-cœur, Paris, France
6. St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City
7. Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
8. St. Paul’s Cathedral, London
9. St. Mark’s Basilica, Venice
10. Mont St. Michel Abbey, France
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I am Christian and I love church very much

Author — TheMertandusGaming


9 beautiful churches, have no clue why the one from Norway was included here. Interesting, but not beautiful.

Author — noblumoon


The gifted artists who created all this beauty!!! Amazing !

Author — Dawn Stonerock


You are biased and there are significant omission in your list of "the top 10 Most Beautiful Churches in the World". Saint Peter's at the Vatican in Rome is missing. Hagia Sophia in Istanbul which now is a museum but for 1000 years was the largest church in the world is missing.

Author — Suremes


So many churches or other builfings of the greatest archtectural values are not mentioned. 😥 To ambiotious to give such title TOP 10! My top 10... would be better

Author — Jovanka Micic-Veljkovic


Speaking about churchs in the world without speaking of AMIENS, REIMS & CHARTRES cathedrals and ROMA' ST PIERRE is like to speak about music without BACH, MOZART, SCHUBERT and BEETHOVEN....

Author — SELMER1947


who whatching this video after norte dame catedral burned 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

Author — andrew dalton


I've been to many of those churches. But the most beautiful of them all is not even in the list, St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.
And I feel so sad about Notre Dame de Paris.

Author — Tito B. Yotoko Jr.


before I die I want to see all churches and my feb PLC holy land room . Amen

Author — Joseph Toppo


The alter pictures for Notre Dame France are wrong. They are the pictures of the alter of Noter Dame in Montreal Canada.



Enjoyed this very much. Thank you. For those interested in even more, I'd nominate Florence's Duomo. As Michelangelo said when building St. Peter's -- "I'll build it bigger, but not more beautiful." Sainte Chappelle in Paris is not a big cathedral, but the walls are virtually all made of stained glass. Phenomenal. And Chartres, also in France. The most sublime example of High French Gothic imaginable. And of course, Gaudi's masterpiece in Barcelona.

Author — emma ess


You really should include the wonderful churches in Krakow Poland.

Author — Barbara Stepien-foad


San Pietro in Roma! You re unforgivable

Author — Rojansen


all churches is marvelous but i think our heart is beautiful because God live in our

Author — Asad Khan


All the churches were beautiful, my favourite is St Basil in red square, Moscow.

Author — maurice walker


This was so beautiful!
And very moving.
The music complemented the video really well.
Thank you for sharing l have subscribed!
So please do more!!!
From England.

Author — Contact 360


The Cathedral Basilica is simply gorgeous and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is astounding and what about St Peters one of the holiest cathedrals on earth!

Author — Fiona O'Keefe


Perhaps in ur top 20 Catherals chosen u might include one or two from old Montreal Quebec Canada they have some awsome wonders..

Author — Ambrose Mackinnon


Beauty in all of them but Stave church before St. Peter's in Rome pretty weird? Been to all of these but Moscow & Columbia. I loved Mont St. Michel Abbey, France it is beautiful site but Abbey pales to 100's of other

Author — Mike Mahowald


St Peter's Basilica? Hagia Sophia (originally a church, biggest in the world for hundreds of years)? Sagrada Familia? Mariacki Church with its amazing interiors and altar?

Author — Wezz Borland