They're Blaming the Victims of the Club Q Shooting

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-- Wasting no time, right-wing media is already blaming the victims of the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Broadcast on November 23, 2022

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They are basically admitting they want the violence to happen and don't care who gets hurt.

Author — Andrew Pagel


Tucker once encouraged his viewers to approach children in public and encourage them to take off their masks.
🚨Stranger danger🚨

Author — Capysarah


It's impossible to "turn" anyone gay, queen, or otherwise. You either are, or you're not.

Author — Deb Pfiester


Tucker constantly talking about kids and sex is something that needs investigating.

Author — Peter Dragon


There are many reasons not to have clowns at kid's birthday parties. But one overlooked reason to keep clowns out of birthday parties is because they're trying to turn your kids into clowns.

Author — Sea Dog


They're more concerned about the "gun rights" of the shooter.

Author — B.Nash.


Classic victim blaming. Abusive people do that.

Author — Spunkmire


I hope Fox and Carlson all get the same treatment Alex Jones got for their very obvious part in all of the violence

Author — MJ Daniel


Imagine the mental breakdown if god forbid a Catholic church was targeted and somebody said "If the priests would stop touching the children maybe people won't be so angry"

Author — steven color


I do have to make a comment. I live in Colorado Springs currently. I'm a straight white female that supports gay/lesbian, LBGT and homosexual rights. I did not choose my sexual orientation. I did not choose my attraction to the opposite sex. It has been there ever since I can remember. If I cannot change that then how can I expect someone else too. I do not believe it's a choice because it was not a choice for me it was what was there. These people are my coworkers friends family. I do not feel threatened or uncomfortable by somebody else's sexuality. Being gay lesbian or transgendered is not a sin.

Author — Kimieko Otamura


We went to drag shows all the time in the late 70s and 80s. Nobody was worried about 'turning gay' or afraid someone would shoot up the place. The focus was on the entertainment. We always had a really good time. And then, somehow, we all managed to go on with our lives. WTF?

Author — Patty Kelly


Don't be surprised to see Marjorie Taylor Greene show up at the jail to demand his immediate release, whining about him being politically imprisoned.

Author — Kosmo Kritikós


Maybe I'm too old but I remember a time when famous comedians dressed in drag a lot and kids played "Let's Pretend" in school to expand imagination and differentiate who they were compared to what they imitated. It used to be fun until the extreme "right" (who are so wrong) used fear to turn it all into something else. And fear will always eliminate what it refuses to accept.

Author — Samuel Oldham


I’m so glad you’re speaking on this specifically. I am truly horrified at the state of the modern right especially here in America 🇺🇸… it’s worrying I’m glad you talked about the groomer dishonest framing and all of it keep it up capital S Sir and yes I have tears in my eyes.

Author — Lil Kit Kittu


Anyone who thinks that you can be “turned gay “thinks that because they have gay thoughts and feelings within them already. Otherwise to someone straight like myself being turned gay doesn’t even make sense. Attraction is visceral. You’re just built the way you are. You can’t be turned gay unless, you already are. Like Matt Walsh.

Author — Kevin Polson


This tells me that he believes he was only one drag show away from turning gay

Author — Dirk A


She very overtly made a call for more violence against Gay establishments, simultaneously excusing the killers, normalizing any urge a killer might have to commit terrorism.

Author — Mason Kanterbury


Tucker looks like a toddler staring at a blank wall 🤣

Author — TheSwarles 2334


These people just can't stand that there are other types of people in the world. Not everyone is like YOU!
We're not going anywhere, and I can fight this fight for as long as they want to keep it up.

Author — Dean Oldfield


Fox reveals their true feelings about children when they refer to them as the "damn kids."

Author — Cheryl Barrett